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  • Hey I'm Jake and ya know what? If you could just give me $3,000,000 that would be fantastic. No?

  • Okay how about 2. Well you are a tough talker. $1,000,000. Doesn't seem like we're really making any headway here and I know

  • that price is which is a caffeinated DONG something

  • can do online now guys.

  • I hate to METAL in your life but you should go to at least PERIODICALLY.

  • HeHe. Uhh. This table makes learning the elements pretty

  • easy. Click on one and this menu will appear where you can learn its name, general information,

  • electrons and ionisation, and engineering. NEAT. Oh gosh.

  • Let's TRANSITION to iron, which has two electrons on its inner

  • shell, eight on the second, fourteen on the third, and 2 on the outermost. Now let me

  • use the ELEMENT of surprise and...OH MY GOSH PEOPLE ARE FALLING

  • On Oimo.js, which provides a multitude of physics simulations. These use computer programs

  • meant to emulate physics in real life. This ragdoll mimics someone falling and collapsing.

  • In old video games when characters died it looked more rigid but with the ragdoll simulation

  • deaths look more realistic. Thank goodness. Collision deals with the computational problem of determining

  • where objects intersect. These can get complicated but at least we scratched the surface

  • 3D Plotter where you can create graphs with mathematical expressions in terms of x and

  • y to get a z value. The default is x squared minus y squared but you can change up the

  • way it looks by adding restraints like y is greater than x. Increase the resolution to

  • see more points and scroll over them to see what the three values are. You can rotate

  • this 3D plot around and around but if you get dizzy

  • and are gonna vomit

  • Put your hands over face. Where you upload

  • a photograph of your jaw-droopingly ravishing face and watch as it becomes two hands. Now

  • put away those hands because this next DONG only needs your voice.

  • Since you have to speak to travel. Press the spacebar to activate your microphone and say

  • the name of a place you've always wanted to go like France. Now look around and get

  • even more specific like Paris, France, the Taj Mahal, The Pyramids of Giza, and Sonic

  • Umbrella

  • It worked! That last one isn't an actual place but it is a cool website that simulates

  • the sound of various objects raining down. It will guide you through the beginning and

  • press the spacebar again to follow instructions. Then you will cycle through several different

  • types of precipitation followed by an announcement of what it is. Listen to what rubber ducks

  • sound like.

  • Aren't you just aMAZE

  • Runner. Enter your name and use the arrow keys to solve it. You are timed and the final

  • score depends on how quickly you get through them and the level you achieved. It can be

  • difficult when the paths change so if you need to scream in frustration make sure you

  • go to

  • Bouncy Balls first because your voice controls their movement. Yell loudly to make them go

  • crazy. It may get overwhelmed but you didn't ask it's opinion did you? No bouncy balls, I didn't. Change from plastic to

  • bubbles, emojis, or eyeballs. When you alter the sensitivity the same noise will cause

  • it to react differently. With low sensitivity it'll do this but with high, it'll do

  • this. You can also use music to make them bounce to the beat. But enough bouncing eyeballs

  • it's time to

  • Go eat...bomb. You'll need a lot of clicking endurance for this multiplayer game. This

  • cute little monster goes around eating a balanced diet of cats, mushrooms, and other monsters.

  • Mushrooms give you more points than cats but monsters give you more than mushrooms. The

  • more points you obtain the larger you become and you have to be bigger than a monster to

  • Stay tuned to find out if I won. I didn't.

  • Links to all the DONGs can be found in the description below. There's also a playlist right here

  • filled with more DONGs. So many, so many amazing DONGs for you to look at and experience and play with.

  • Also if you wanna play with something, there is a new Curiosity Box out right now. This is what the shirt looks like.

  • Hannah this is your cue to put the shirt on screen.

  • Good work Hannah. So check it out. There's a link down in the description above the DONGs

  • Top line of the description. It's a DONG. And as always, thanks for watching.

Hey I'm Jake and ya know what? If you could just give me $3,000,000 that would be fantastic. No?

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