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  • Of motion.

  • This site is super cool for those of you interested in cinematography and color in movies.

  • What it does is it calculates the average color per frame of a film and stack them from top

  • to bottom.

  • This way you are able to see how color changes throughout a movie.

  • You can search by director, title, genre, and year.

  • Andrew Stanton directed the movie Finding Nemo and Wall-E. But let's focus on Finding Nemo.

  • If we put it in here we can notice that there's a lot more blue and green in Finding Nemo which makes a lot of sense.

  • But let's go to the Harry Potter series.

  • We can see how the color changed from the first movie to the last.

  • Is it fascinating or is it

  • KNOT.

  • That is a pun by the wonderful Hannah Canetti.

  • Let's all give her a round of applause.

  • Great work, Hannah. We're all proud of you.

  • Now I was supposed to have some rope or twine.

  • Or something here to demonstrate how to do some knots.

  • But I don't. So you can go to to find out how and if you don't have string

  • that's fine. There's something else that you can play with.

  • Which AHH it's so heavy. Is the latest Curiosity Box.

  • This is box number 9. If you don't know what the Curiosity Box is

  • Michael, Kevin, and I make this thing every quarter

  • And it's a box full of learning

  • Of curiosity. Of science toys. Physics based things.

  • t-shirts. Books. Games.

  • All fun, interesting, brain-feeding stuff.

  • And what I'm really excited about and I know Michael and Kevin are as well

  • is that a portion of the proceeds from every box goes to Alzheimer's research

  • And so far we've been able to donate over $100,000

  • because of this box. This is actually our two year anniversary box.

  • So we did a whole new branding on it.

  • Has these big Roman numerals right there that say what number box it is.

  • And the whole thing's just very sleek. Kind of almost matte black

  • finish to it with a little bit of texture on it.

  • I'm very excited about it. I can't show you what's in the box because that would ruin it.

  • But it's very cool. If you wanna get your own,

  • There'll be a link down there as well links to all the other DONGs

  • that we talked about and a playlist right here full of them.

  • So yeah. I hope you like this box.

  • We spend a lot of time putting it together and we design

  • all the products besides the books because those are written by other people.

  • But they are exclusive to us in a very unique way

  • which you'll find out if you get this baby.

  • So yeah it should be shipping soon or by the time this video comes out it might already be.

  • Anyways that is my sales pitch on it. It really is something that we care about and we do make it ourselves.

  • It's not like a brand deal or anything. It's ours. We create it and hopefully you enjoy it.

  • Alright. I love you. And as always, thanks for watching.

Of motion.

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