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  • Hello, everyone.

  • Welcome to another video.

  • So as I was browsing through a few online selling sites, I came across this and a Seuss GTX 6 60 t.

  • I was more interested in the item description at first because the seller had stated that it was an ideal card for 14 40 p gaming.

  • I thought to myself, Yeah, maybe when it came out in 2012 but these days, surely not.

  • Nonetheless, I question the seller who remained adamant that this was a cable 14 40 p graphics card that could even handle new games at this resolution.

  • It was at this point that the card sold to someone else.

  • Nonetheless, I bought an identical model elsewhere to follow up on these claims.

  • Could the 6 60 t.

  • I really play games at 25 60 by 14 40?

  • Well, saw off, which, to be fair, was quite surprising, though I don't think that this should have bean the primary focus off the cards advert.

  • After all, while this card can handle the likes of thoughts of her eyes and four the outer worlds on pub G at 14 40 p with at least 30 frames per second, the experience isn't consistent across the bold.

  • And purchasing a five year old performance cars with the hopes of running new Triple eight titles beyond 10 80 p is not a good idea, especially one with two gigs of the Ram.

  • Still, I guess the cellar wasn't exactly lying.

  • They were just stretching the truth on dhe.

  • To be fair, performance isn't going to be consistent at 10 80 p either.

  • And it does, of course, depend on what games you play.

  • With that logic, though, I could call a GT 10 30 of four K car because it can handle Vice City a 2160 pay.

  • I think so.

  • Then let's revert to 10 80 p and see what the 6 60 t I not the 16 60 t I can do in 2020.

  • Let's start with the newest title.

  • Do Maternal.

  • With plenty of graphical options, this one will run on a wide range of graphics cards, providing you have at least three gigs of Iran cars like the 6 60 T.

  • I will struggle because even at the lowest settings, the game uses close to three gigs of memory.

  • This makes me wonder if the three gigabytes 6 62 I would fare any better, or whether the card would struggle just the same.

  • A 10 80 p lo.

  • We were seeing at least 30 in some areas, though this was quick to drop to the mid twenties or lover as things started heating up.

  • It's a bit of a shame, but I expected this to be honest.

  • So then let's move swiftly on to far Cry five, which at the lowest preset should run at about 40 F.

  • P.

  • S on average With this card, this one is a couple of years old now, but it's still a lot of fun and will certainly put older cards through their paces again.

  • The low preset still uses all of our available V ram.

  • Andi just still wants more.

  • Nonetheless, the game runs okay, let's get back to force the horizon for because, well, this did run with just over 30 f.

  • P s at 14 40 p.

  • Despite the initial low memory warning, it didn't maintain a constant 30 f ps plus and locking the frame rate would be best at 1920 by 10 80 though we are seeing closer to 45 frames per second and the vey rare morning is gone, even though the low preset still eats up everything the 6 60 t I has to offer.

  • At least here, though, we do have a little more room to breathe on when it comes to races with multiple vehicles involved.

  • This demanding on screen action won't knock our FBS counter way below 30.

  • So then GT A for one of my favorites in the Siri's.

  • It's old, I know, but it's still quite demanding that I have found that it tends to work better with older hardware.

  • Sometimes this game ran fine at 14 40 p with at least 60 F.

  • P s on average.

  • So it's no surprise that we were seeing closer to 90 here and sometimes even over 100 at 10.

  • A teepee with the high settings.

  • I left the graphical options on default, as it's far more hassle free than trying to find a better balance between visuals and performance.

  • No problems to report.

  • Here in the busy areas of the outer world, you can expect around 40 to 50 FBS with this card a 10 80 p, though this did rise to 60 in the town of Edgewater.

  • This run at 14 40 be with at least 30 f ps two, but I'd recommend 10 80 p for a far smoother experience, just as I have done throughout.

  • If you do pick up any freezes when watching this footage, then I'd like to state that this was an issue with the recording, not the game itself.

  • Okay, so Pub G was another game that did run quite well at 14 40 p, albeit with the very low preset but a 10 80 p with the same settings, you can expect more than 60 I'm busy areas.

  • Thief frame rate tended to hover around 70.

  • So you may even be able to get away with a slightly more demanding, graphical preset if you want.

  • But I wouldn't really go any higher than low or medium just to ensure things stay running well, finally, and unfortunately, it's red dead redemption to which didn't perform very well at all.

  • We've failed to hit 30 f.

  • P.

  • S at 10.

  • 80 p, so I wouldn't recommend getting a card like this if you want to play rock stars.

  • Sprawling Western blockbuster 900 p will give you 30 or thereabouts but the frame drops still ruin the experience a little bit for May.

  • It is doable, I guess, but it's not that enjoyable.

  • And with all that said, this has been a look back at the 6 60 t I.

  • Although the seller of the original car that I was intending to buy wasn't exactly lying when they said it's a capable 14 40 p g bu, they weren't exactly telling the truth.

  • It can handle a few games at 14 40 be to my surprise, but 10 80 p.

  • It's certainly best for this tree, p U.

  • And in some cases you're going to want to go even lower than that.

  • But thank you very much for watching.

  • If you enjoy this video lever like on it, leave it.

Hello, everyone.

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They Told Me This Old GPU Could Game At 1440p.?!

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