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  • sex can feel pretty great, but have you ever stopped in the middle of it?

  • Toe?

  • Wonder why?

  • What actually happens to your brain and body during sex?

  • There are a lot of different types of sex, but for all, the first step is usually arousal.

  • Increased blood flow causes tissues like your chest to swell and your face to get what's known as sex flush.

  • For those with a Penis.

  • Blood flowing gorgeous the three spongy areas along the length of the shaft, creating an erection for those with vagina.

  • The opening inner and outer labia swell as well.

  • This increased pressure causes fluid production from both the bar thorns, gland and skinnies gland, which helped to create lubrication in a woman.

  • Neural transmitters are released to help relax the muscle in the wall and make the vagina both longer and wider.

  • There's a white how belief that women require more time to achieve arousal.

  • But using thermo graphic cameras on people's genitals while they watched porn, researchers found that it took healthy men and women both 30 seconds to begin arousal and reaching maximum arousal around 10 minutes in, Researchers have actually documented penetrative vaginal intercourse by getting eight couples to perform missionary sex in an emery tube.

  • This study revealed that during intercourse, 2/3 of the erect Penis is pendulous and moved upwards at an angle of about 120 degrees from the root of the Penis.

  • Meanwhile, the uterus raises up by 2.4 centimeters and changes the configuration of the woman's bladder.

  • A woman's breast may increase in size by up to 25% and men's testicles can grow by 50% while rising closer to the body.

  • Though all of the men orgasms in this experiment, none of the women did, which isn't uncommon.

  • A survey of over 1400 women found that only 21 to 30% of women experienced an orgasm during intercourse that was not assisted by actual digital or aural stimulation.

  • Aural sects on women can provide direct stimulation to the clitoris.

  • Clitoris is actually much bigger than it appears and is about four inches long, with about 3/4 of the structure being internal.

  • The clitoris and Penis are similar.

  • They both have glands of foreskin, also known as the hood, erectile tissue and a shaft.

  • But unlike the Penis, the only known function of the clit is pleasure.

  • There's also a no sex, which is the insertion of a Penis or dildo into a partner's rectum.

  • Though it's the primary form of sex among gay men, its popularity has surged among straight couples.

  • A 2008 survey found that 44% of straight men and 36% of straight women have had anal sex.

  • Uranus and surrounding area have a lot of nerve endings, including the Pew Dental Nerve, which controls muscles in your external anil sphincter and carry sensations to the anus, Penis and clitoris and men.

  • Penetration can stimulate the glandular organ known as the prostate.

  • Though there's no published laboratory research, anecdotal evidence suggests that prostate orgasms are more powerful and pleasurable than penal induced ones.

  • For women, anal penetration can stimulate the perennial sponge, which sits between the vaginal opening and rectum, so pressure can result in pleasure and orgasm characterized by contractions of the genitals.

  • In the end, you have the orgasm.

  • When it comes to the brain, the experience is pretty similar for men and women in men.

  • Dopamine synthesizing neurons are activated during ejaculation and in women.

  • The reward center that releases dopamine is activated, too, for both areas in the cerebellum become activated, while significant parts of your cortex completely shut down.

  • At the same time, oxytocin, the hormone responsible for bonding, is released from the pituitary gland, making you more likely to cuddle up after sex.

  • So, yes, like all good things, sex is very scientific.

  • And yet this video is probably de monetized because be mentioned sex and even in a completely educational context, it's deemed inappropriate in flag.

  • So we wanted to talk about this in our new podcast alongside other science questions, like whether sex ed actually increases sexual activity, why condoms expire and also tell funny stories from the awkward sex talks.

  • With our parents going out, you can listen to it by searching for side note on iTunes or using the link that we put in our description, were, honestly, so excited by our new podcast and have loved every second of making it and the support from you, our YouTube audience would mean the world.

sex can feel pretty great, but have you ever stopped in the middle of it?

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