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  • here our favorite stories of things that people found in their food.

  • First up toothpicks.

  • Dr.

  • Saito, look out for the ubiquitous hors d'oeuvres stabbers.

  • The family guy played it for laughs, but it's a real danger.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Are you all right?

  • No, I swallowed it.

  • About 8000 people are hospitalized with toothpick related injuries every year.

  • This is not a joking matter.

  • This could be life or death.

  • And swallowing a toothpick can happen to anybody.

  • It's actually not that crazy because the toothpick being only about three inches, can fit inside of one of these little sliders without even seeing it.

  • If you're in a rush or you're eating this quickly and it goes in the right angle, you can swallow it.

  • I have no idea that happened.

  • Toe Ronald would.

  • When he ate an appetizer at a party.

  • There was a broken tooth pick inside.

  • I didn't even feel the toothpick go down.

  • I had no idea.

  • Toothpick inside mine body.

  • A week later, he was rushed to emergency surgery.

  • Part of this Colin had to be removed.

  • It's a cautionary tale to make sure to chew your food before swallowing next up.

  • Rick ANTOSH was enjoying a plate of shellfish at the famed Oyster Bar in New York City's Grand Central Terminal.

  • When we're engaged in conversation all of a sudden, what is that that invite on it, but I sense something odd, I said.

  • I thought maybe was a filling or a kook, but it wasn't a billing when I saw the black dot that really intrigued Minister What?

  • What is that?

  • Oh, it was just something that broke off your title from the kitchen.

  • It turned out to be a He got to keep the special pride That was the best oyster pan roast I ever ordered.

  • And it's a rare find.

  • Well, one chef in the restaurant said, He's been there 28 years, and this is only the second time this is, Anton said he was going to hold on to the Pearl.

  • Wonderful thing about this has a story.

  • If this frog could speak, it would have a pretty good story to Becky.

  • Garfinkel says that she bought a salad from a department store, but the greens came with a little green friend.

  • She saw the tiny creature peeking out from behind some salad leads.

  • The frog became a pet for Becky and her husband.

  • They named it Lucky Onda.

  • Reptile had a similar journey in New Jersey.

  • The lizard was found in a bundle of leafy green.

  • It was so cold it was unconscious.

  • The next day, a cater Gardner brought the lizard into her classroom.

  • Teacher Mark Eastburn helped nurse it back to life, and it became a mascot for his science lab.

  • They named the Little Stowaway Green Fruit Loop safe to say green fruit Loop was happy to be in the classroom and not on the dinner plate.

  • This'll dinner plate was not the most appetizing.

  • Tacos appear be stuffed with tea.

  • One customer at a popular Texas restaurant wasn't pleased with this.

  • Add on to their entree.

  • Toothsome treat turned out to be beef lips there, Okay, did.

  • But the restaurant said it wouldn't be using the supplier who provided the meat again.

  • And there was nothing accidental about what came along with beans.

  • Pineapples In Spain, tasty fruit was being used to smuggle cocaine.

  • Agents used hammers to break apart the fruit, revealing the contraband.

  • Inside.

  • Police discovered nearly a ton of the drug in a shipment.

  • The bust resulted in several arrests, but no pina coladas.

here our favorite stories of things that people found in their food.

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The Most Bizarre Things People Found Hiding in Their Food

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