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  • Vsauce. Michael here with good news. Today we've got

  • two Leanback experiences, where we pull together great

  • videos from people all over YouTube. The first, here on Vsauce with me,

  • is roughly gonna be about complexity. But over on Vsauce2

  • Kevin has put together an exhibition of fantastic

  • street art. To begin, all you have to do is click the link

  • at the very top of this video's description. And to start Kevin's Leanback

  • go over to Vsauce2.

  • Click the link whenever you're ready, but in the meantime,

  • let me show you this. It was submitted by a

  • fan named Aaron and it shows the cast of The Key of Awesome.

  • But wait, who's this hot body with great cleavage?

  • You guessed it, the bearded nun. Aaron, this is gonna be

  • on my refrigerator for the rest of my life. Thank you.

  • Are you guys still there?

  • Seriously? Because you should start the Leanback.

  • Click the link at the top of this video. I'll see you on the other side.

  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

Vsauce. Michael here with good news. Today we've got

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