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  • This is how Easter eggs are made. And don't walk. Or bike.

  • It's episode 32 of IMG!

  • Best haircut... ever. And creepy t-shirt Abraham Lincoln.

  • But hunting is awesome. Oh.

  • Lishoffs rules. He made the Simpson's alphabet, a superhero alphabet and curser bullies.

  • An equally rare talent is found in Jeff Blazer. He's the guy who photoshopped the famous

  • Orange Frog. He also made a geographical Pac-Man and proved that Jim Henson was the puppet.

  • Europe is naughty. And here's yet another false motion illusion. Your brain can't figure it

  • out, so as you look around it warps and stretches. I suggest going fullscreen.

  • Chicks love cats. Chicks love cats. Cats love dogs. Dogs love everything. And cats

  • love butt gymnastics. You know, like the balance beam. Balance beer.

  • This isn't a joke. This is the last thing you will see before you die. Can you find

  • the cat?

  • But we should move on to girls in costume, tied up. Can you save them?

  • Reddit had fun last week with police from awesome cities like the Flippin police, the

  • Climax police, and the infamous Sandwich police.

  • Princess Peach. Grrrrrocery shop yellow, green, black, red.

  • Deviant artist Meirou created real-life Disney princessess. Here's Ariel and Flounder.

  • Don't look, hey, wait a second. Let me just turn on the light... line.

  • But I prefer my lamps soft and gooey and flowey. And my common objects huge. You might

  • need gloves this big to touch whatever these kids are looking at.

  • Maybe they're watching, where you guys have submitted 5,428 images

  • as of the very moment I'm saying this.

  • Casey showed us extreme kissing, dance mode, and Marshall dyed an egg in honor of Vsauce.

  • Trude matured things up with this actual last name and Carl asked us to cover up the top

  • half of this equation.

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  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

This is how Easter eggs are made. And don't walk. Or bike.

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