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  • as marijuana becomes legalized throughout

  • North America [Many] are trying edibles for the first time as a healthier option but with Edible marijuana

  • Providing such a different experience than smoking how does it work and is eating pot

  • Actually better for you? When you heat cannabis you effectively change the chemical makeup of compounds within it called Cannabinoids

  • Smoking heats it to around 800 degrees Celsius and converts thc a to Delta 9 thC

  • which binds to receptors in your brain making them continually fire and causing your

  • imagination, thoughts and perceptions to magnify this is why every thought can feel like a significant one and

  • Because it travels straight from your lungs into the bloodstream and to your brain the drug works within minutes and lasts about two to [three]

  • Hours, but when making edibles the weed is heated to around

  • 150 degrees Celsius burning less of the actual plant and minimizing Carcinogens

  • ThC is Lipophilic not water-soluble

  • so the activated Thc

  • must be dissolved into something fatty like oil or butter and once the substance is consumed the onset of the high is delayed as the

  • drug is absorbed more slowly through your gut but this high typically lasts four to eight hours and most report feeling more high than

  • Compared to smoking marijuana

  • [this] is because when you eat edible weed the ThC is first metabolized by the liver before entering the bloodstream and here Delta 9 thC

  • also becomes 11 o h thC which

  • Passes the brain barrier more rapidly and is a more potent chemical so using the same amount of marijuana

  • You actually get more high with Edibles because it ends up creating both Delta 9 ThC

  • And 11-OH-THC which is a stronger compound and because there are more?

  • psychotropic types of

  • Cannabinoids acting on your neurons you'll be high for longer of course you also get to skip out on the toxic chemicals that smoking provides

  • like Carbon monoxide

  • Bronchial Irritants and tumor Initiators smoking anything means you're inhaling cancer-causing molecules

  • so if you can get high without smoking it will be healthier for your lungs and body the downside it's much harder to control the

  • High you'll get because it can take up to one to two hours to feel the full effects and the dosage can vary significantly

  • modulating the effects or

  • Titrating as it's called is much more difficult [and] as a result you can end up a lot higher than you intend

  • - but unlike those who consume too much alcohol

  • Opioids or other drugs you won't be suffering any serious long-term harm

  • Toxicity [or] Lethal overdose if you do consume more than you intended [if] you've ever wondered why marijuana gives you the munchies?

  • check out our AsAP stop video that breaks down the science behind that by clicking the screen or using the link in the description and

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as marijuana becomes legalized throughout

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Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/30
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