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  • Marie: It’s another Tuesday and it’s a very special Tuesday! ahahaha! It’s because

  • I stuck it in my boobs. (ahaha!) Do you want to know why it’s a special Q&A Tuesday?

  • Why?” It’s our anniversary! Yeah!!! Seriously, one year ago.. Jams, I know youve

  • had a drinking problem so were not going to give you any. Ahaha! Were just kidding,

  • Jams doesn’t have a drinking problem. So Michelle, let’s talk about this for a minute.

  • You guys, you know Michelle, you all know Michelle. So one year ago, do you remember

  • how we launched Marietv?

  • Michelle: Yes, you were jumping on a couch shouting happy new year.

  • Marie: Let me show that.

  • Michelle: Hang on.

  • Marie: Happy new year! Happy new year! Happy new year!

  • Marie: That was long time ago! So um.. Just because we are really excited. Michelle, thank

  • you for celebrating.

  • Michelle: Thank you for the champagne.

  • Marie: Oh! She loves champers. Which is awesome. So this is not a regular Q & A Tuesday as

  • you know we usually don’t drink on a Q & A Tuesady but..

  • Michelle: Until after the cameras are off.

  • Marie: Until, Yes! And that’s when we go like this! Hang on!

  • So in this time of the year, obviously there’s been a lot of celebrating, happening and we

  • are super excited to have the one year anniversary of MarieTv. You know there are a lot of talk

  • about goals during the new year and I would like to think about rather than goals is what

  • are you inspired to create about this year? What is really lighting your fire? What would

  • you like to see happen over the next 12 months that will make you so freaking happy? I don’t

  • know. Rip your panties off like ahhh!! like that or something. Something really good,

  • you know what I mean.

  • So that’s the first thing that I want you to think about is what are you really inspired

  • to create and in a few minutes, I’m going to give you a tool that’s going to help

  • you to take that inspiration of what you want to create and break it down into digestible

  • chunks, a whole planning tool that will help you actually get it done. Does that sound

  • good? (Yeah!) All right that’s cool, I’m going to give you that in just a minute but

  • first, I want to tell you about what I am inspired to create this year and how I want

  • your help in doing that.

  • MarieTv has been amazing so for the past twelve months, weve been working our buns off

  • trying to create amazing videos and my intention with this whole project is to deliver the

  • most value that I can to you. To help you create an outstanding, profitable, satisfying

  • business and to help you have a freaking amazing life. That’s my intention with everything

  • that I shoot. So my intention and my inspiration for this year is to make MarieTv outrageous

  • and I want your help with that. Below this video, youll see a link to a very fast

  • and easy Marietv survey. I’m going to ask you a few simple question that will help me,

  • help you do this even better than I’ve ever done before. So are you in? Okay, cool.

  • Now here’s the deal, remember that cool planning tool that I told you about at the

  • beginning of this video? Well that is your free gift for helping me out with this survey.

  • So the moment that you complete the survey, I’m going to give a nice little tutorial

  • on how to use our awesome planning tool - the same tool we use in our company and we accomplished

  • a lot. And I can’t wait to take you through it and I can’t wait to hear all your answers

  • and all the ideas that you have to help me make Marietv even better and reach more people.

  • So, thank you so much for watching! Thank you for celebrating our one year anniversary.

  • Happy new year and of course, I want to hear what you are inspired to create. So even beyond

  • the survey, make sure that you leave a response below this video, leave a video response I’d

  • love to see your beautiful face or just leave a written comment whenever you feel like it

  • is good. If you like this video, like it by clicking the like button right here in Youtube

  • and of course share this video with all your friends because people are enjoying Marietv

  • and I want them to help me make it better too. Of course if youre not yet on the

  • newsletter list, come on over to Put your name and your email in and youll

  • get every Marietv that we ever do forever more. Thank you so much and I’ll catch you

  • again next time.

Marie: It’s another Tuesday and it’s a very special Tuesday! ahahaha! It’s because

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