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  • Old Edinburgh's main dragnicknamed The Royal Mileleads from the castle

  • downhill through the Old Town to the palace.

  • This colorful jumble is the tourists' Edinburgh:

  • a dense tangle of historic buildings,

  • fun museums and cultural cliches on sale.

  • Edinburgh was a wonder in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was famed

  • for its skyscrapersthey say the first anywhere

  • but also for its filth.

  • It was once the most congested city in Europe. Its most wretched couldn't even

  • afford candles. They lived in darkness. It's said they knew each other not by how they looked,

  • but by how they smelled.

  • Medieval skyscrapers towered ten stories and higher.

  • Frontage and High Street was so limited that the buildings were narrow and tall

  • crammed shoulder to shoulder with little courtyards called "closes" branching off.

  • These closes were connected to the main drag by skinny lanes or even tunnels.

  • Four hundred years ago

  • Edinburgh was nicknamed "Auld Reekie."

  • The entire city was a black-stained mess of chimneys and reeked of smoke.

  • The Royal Mile ends at the gates of Holyrood Palacefor five hundred years

  • the official royal residence here in Edinburgh.

  • For several centuries, Scotland was ruled from London.

  • Parliament hadn't met here since

  • 1707.

  • Recently, the Scots voted to bring their parliament home

  • and London didn't object.

  • In the year 2000, Edinburgh resumed its position

  • as home of Scotland's parliament.

  • Scotland's strikingly modern parliament building opened in 2004.

  • The Catalan architect, Enric Miralles, mixed old windows, wild angles and organic

  • themes into a startling complex that would, as he envisioned,

  • surge from out of the rock and into the city.

Old Edinburgh's main dragnicknamed The Royal Mileleads from the castle

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Edinburgh, Scotland: Royal Mile

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