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as the two planes closing on each other.
Tankers boom Operator Repairs for action on does it?
The thought of flying directly behind another plane that's 7.5 1000 meters wasn't terrifying enough.
It turns out the Super Galaxies vast size throws off the aerodynamics of the tank.
Imagine the air rushing over our news.
It's actually pushing up from the Tinker Severance and we go up or down.
They have to react to it.
The planes are now so close to each other that are super galaxy creates That tanker plane has to right, But it turns.
Jet wash from the tanker creates turbulence that effects our planes Huge.
That noise from overhead is where the hatches are ready to receive the approach vibrating through the flight.
We're about to attempt Docking on.
Captain Karesh is giving way to Captain Alex Jensen.
She's just upgraded to aircraft commander but hasn't connected to a tanker like this one for over six months.
You're eating it.
One of the hardest things control just wrecking our vertical stabilizer right now.
That's the way you feel.
Just a time when you need most precision is hardest to fly Exactly.
Top 10 list of insane things I've ever been involved in doing.
This is Number one.
My heart's in my math along with a few other major organs.
Throttle, throttle, throttle, throttle.
Check out.
You start to lose that.
That was this way, telling myself, This is not a game.
This is really these guys are doing this for you.
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The Exhilarating Experience Of Fuel Docking The Massive Super Galaxy Plane | Richard Hammond's Big

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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