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way on the coast of Florida in Cape Canaveral.
This is where Prince matter.
History is made of space.
Were Apollo launch from the moon, missions will improve.
There we have the space shuttle and Lockheed at this facility.
There's a vehicle assembly building.
The shuttle is over there.
And then the Boeing Delta four vehicle The launch site we're using is what was formerly used by Titan four, which was the largest vehicle in the U.
And I've done a lot of work to change it, adjusted for for our vehicle and make make improvements.
Refused to Brian Most Al, who's managing the construction of the launch site here in Cape Canaveral on.
We'll manage the ongoing launch operation here.
Have a lot of experience out here at the Cape.
Launching Rockets started here my career in the space industry in 1991 on.
I'm thrilled to be part of the space, ext.
Okay, so behind me is where the Falcon nine would fit during launch.
And big transformation that's gonna occur over the next few months is the construction of the launch mount.
And we're gonna have the hangar constructed behind us receive the giant lightning towers.
There's a lot of lightning here.
Kate on those things, pretty much protected us against Armageddon Way are on top of our giant bowl of liquid oxygen.
That's a space six has big balls, and it's true.
It's cable containing about a £1,000,000 of liquid oxygen more than enough for tonight way Haven't our flame duct that big exit?
There is the flamed up rocket flames, and a whole bunch of steam comes out of that hole right there.
This'll Wallace, where they recorded the rockets that have launched here previously.
Biggest rocket in the US fleet.
The Titan four, which is really gigantic vehicle use this launch site.
It's a great heritage to be launching from former Titan four launchpad.
And then we have a control room, which is 12 miles away, which is actually just outside the gates at Pick Natural, which makes it easier for visitors or customers to be there on, book their payload and be there in the corner with us without having to go through all the security of coming on to Cape Canaveral, which is actually an important base.
We broke first broke ground on our own site about a year ago way.
Expect to be ready to launch by the middle of next year.
All right, so that mostly concludes the tour of of our launch pad.
We'll do another updated tour in a couple months and you'll see how much listens transformed.
It's gonna be quite remarkable.
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Elon's SpaceX Tour - Cape Canaveral Launch Site

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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