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I thought about becoming an engineer going up.
I think I've known for a long time.
I want Green.
Engineer has been captured by the big question.
I don't know if I was inspired so much as I was born to do it well in the universe.
Where can we go?
What can we see?
What can we know?
Since I was a little kid, I explain with Legos, playing around with Legos, to play with Legos and that stuff crying before I go.
Everyone likes to play with Legos, but, like I really like to play with Legos, Connection, Legos, lead model rockets, Robotics in high school.
Much right here.
I enjoy solving difficult problems, so I'm why I'm an engineer.
I first heard about space sex when I heard they were coming to our career fair.
I checked out the website and saw with different videos that they had posted about stuff they're up to, and it sounded really interesting, really cool weather Guys that worked here last summer was having an intro session at school, so I just went to that.
I talk to him afterwards, he said.
My regiment along and sure enough, maybe two days later, they contacted me was a pretty easy process just coming in.
Brand new.
You know, I thought, maybe get the help on some small part of some assembly, maybe.
And I know you get thrown right in and they expect youto put up on your end of it, pretty cool.
So I've had a lot of other jobs and internships.
Lucky to have those opportunities, but none of my previous jobs have put any of my points in space.
A lot of my stuff is going to space on the very next Dragon vehicle.
It's very exciting, you know, I'm glad that I get to be a part of it.
One of the projects I was working on was, Ah Roeder Turbo Pump.
As a matter of fact, right behind me, it's being assembled in this rocket.
So it's really cool to see that the people are you gonna work with closely your mentors.
They are very, very knowledgeable, but also very good with teaching you the material like I run so much just following my stuff, I bring about composites.
It's not just stuff that you can learn in books.
Don't be afraid to ask questions and be assertive because everyone here is really helpful and, you know they're willing to help you out and get started.
A lot of work to do.
But there's really work.
Hard play, hard mentality.
Looking back into space six is I'm like anything I've seen anywhere.
Space six is definitely very fast paced, but it's also very casual wear.
What you're wearing right now would be fine for space.
Next doesn't seem like work.
Really hang out with friends, built some rockets and then you'll hang out with them later.
And there's a laid back in tense atmosphere.
Space six provided a lot of events for interns like a beach party.
It was the aerospace game free frozen yogurt Every day.
Most of the interns live in a community called Oakwood, so we're in the same apartment complex.
It is a good place to build community.
In addition to just taking, you know, all the engineering classes and learning a lot learn more than just doing formulas and reading up in a book.
Applying is a totally different thing than just, you know, working problem sets.
The one thing that I've noticed everyone has in common is interest beyond the schoolwork What did they do to pursue their passion for me?
That was through design, Build fly.
I was on the on the human powered submarine design team I worked on looking at the motel shapes and middle analysis of baseball bats.
I'm a chief engineer for Georgia Tech.
Spot s a collegiate racing team decided Automotive engineers mileage.
Uh, start off with Robotics Club.
I moved on to the Google in your expose, just being on being organizations in general, being able to work with people and deal with them.
I found I was actually a pretty big part.
I never thought that what I was doing there would end up translating Thio Space X.
But after being here, I realized that to come in here and really be a really effective it's great to have that kind of background in some type of researcher hands on activities because you're going to use that stuff all the time.
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SpaceX Internship Program

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林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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