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if you if you look at look at things of approach, span of time, the things that are less important, kind of fall away on.
Did you look at things from the broadest possible?
Spent a time as relates to life itself, and the evolution of life has been primitive.
Life, I think, started round 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago.
And what of the important steps in the evolution of life?
And obviously there was the advent of single celled life.
There was a differentiation to plants and animals.
There was life going from the oceans to land.
There was a mammal's consciousness on, Guy would argue.
Also on that scale should fit life, becoming multi planetary.
And in fact, I think consciousness.
It's the next step, actually, because you really kind of neat consciousness to design vehicles that can transport life of hundreds of millions of miles of irradiated space to an environment that they did not evolve to existence.
It would be very convenient, of course, if there was another planet just like Earth nearby.
But but that's that's unlikely.
And, as it turns out, not the case.
I think if one could make a reasonable argument that that something is important enough to fit on the scale of evolution.
Then it's it's it's important.
And maybe with a little bit of our resource, is if it's something like 1/4 of a percent of GDP, that would be that would be okay.
I think most people would say, Okay, that's that's not too bad, You know, it's but you don't want you want, you want it to be some sort of number.
That is Ah, much less than we spent on health care.
But maybe more than we spent on lipstick, you know, something like that.
I'm and I like lipstick.
It's not like I've got nothing against you.
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Why Invest In Making Life Multi-Planetary? Elon Musk

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林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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