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  • is that Holy thing is a 7 51 of the newest hose out.

  • I ordered it this spring when I knew we'd have a lot to do This year.

  • Got a big bucket and a lot of a lot of power behind it.

  • So it's really gonna help us move a lot of dirt.

  • Look at the size of that thing.

  • The bucket is massive.

  • It's big, it's unseen.

  • It's got a six and 3/4 yard bucket on it, and it handles it very well.

  • I wasn't expecting something like this.

  • Thank you, boss.

  • Christmas has come early to the cluster cut as Parker brings the team a new toy, a 7 50 excavator.

  • Get those ponies and digging.

  • If I see dented panels or scratch pain going home, you don't get you Don't get too, huh?

  • Go home.

  • We're just going straight to the lashings.

  • Yeah, I mean, I had it on order.

  • I didn't think it showed up this soon, but it's pretty pleasant Surprise.

  • Oh, all right.

  • Thanks, guys.

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you, man.

  • Sweet Checkers admits.

  • Well, he did his part.

  • We'd better do ours, man.

  • We got a lot of dirt to move here.

  • So let's go see our dicks.

  • Gate zones.

  • Good.

  • We're put Brian on night, and with 7 50 I'm to keep chewing away down here with 4 80 But I got a feeling he's gonna be catching on pretty fast to the brim.

  • Put this way.

  • You guys keep it up.

  • I'm gonna need a bigger thermos.

  • That's not a bad problem.

  • No.

  • Holy Chris.

  • You need somebody younger.

  • Start doing this.

  • Well, you're already do 100.

  • Last week they got 359 ounces.

  • 300 oly cow.

  • 3 43 50 3 70 Climbing 3 85 00 They mined over half a $1,000,000 worth of gold.

  • That's a scene.

  • That's not what I think.

  • It was a good investment, that ground.

  • Obviously it's starting to show, right?

  • Well, a couple more of those and she'll be paid off.

  • We definitely appreciate you spending some of that gold from last year and getting that machine because, man, it's really isn't a nice excuse.

  • Oh, that's good.

is that Holy thing is a 7 51 of the newest hose out.

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Parker's New Excavator Helps Him Mine Over Half A Million Dollars Of Gold | Season 10 | Gold Rush

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/28
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