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  • Thank you.

  • Hi.

  • My name is Victoria.

  • I'm a front and developer and a chapter leader for something called View Vixens.

  • View Vixens is an initiative that helps women and those who identify as women learn view Js and a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • And I'm here to tell you my story with the V vixens and what we do to help other women.

  • So just so that you know where I come from, I started.

  • So 3.5 years ago, I graduated from university with a bachelor of arts in Japanese and German and linguistic studies.

  • And as I was holding my diploma, I realized I was taking graduation photos with my brother and my grandmother.

  • I realized, shit.

  • I have no idea what to do next.

  • So I moved to Germany.

  • And after trials and errors with design school and a master's degree, I decided to embrace the challenge of becoming a Web developer.

  • But I realized that if I wanted to become a web developer, I would be much better off doing that as part of a community.

  • So I started using Twitter again and joining the developer community on Twitter.

  • Fast forward a year later, I was able to get my first developer job and also was granted the privilege of attending conferences like this one.

  • I also became more active on Twitter and as a result of me using view at work, I also joined the view community on Twitter on Twitter.

  • I also stumbled upon view vixens and I didn't really know what they did.

  • All I knew was that there were helping women in tech and they were also And there was someone called Jen Looper and she's the CEO of the Vue vixens and Natalia the CTO of you vixens.

  • A few months later, I was able to attend, view Js London a community conference and finally have my first meeting with the view community.

  • They're Natalia.

  • The CDO of you Vixens had a talk where she talked about all the things that the view vixens accomplished in 2018 So a little bit more about the View vixens community.

  • It was founded a view Js Amsterdam in 2018 and since then we have done over 50 events worldwide, including workshops, meet ups and smaller conference lex events where we help women build view applications or just generally support them in any type of developer or personal or professional questions that they might have.

  • So I joined the View vixens as the chapter leader for Germany, and now I'm building view vixens Germany with a great team of other amazing women.

  • We now have city coordinators in Berlin, costs Woah Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and we are doing a bunch of cool stuff like this.

  • Thursday we were here in Berlin, organizing a workshop where we have 13 women coming together building a view up, and many of those women are here today.

  • And also I have a few of my coordinators here with me today sitting over here.

  • So we have a slack community that's very active, where you compose questions about anything that you might wonder about.

  • Code.

  • You can share photos of your pets.

  • You can ask about women's health issues in the Lady's Channel, or you can get help writing your talk, abstracts or anything that you might need.

  • The vixens.

  • They're happy to help, and they're always there if you need them.

  • So if you would like to know more about the view vixens, attend one of our events.

  • You can always join us on slack.

  • Where've you vixens?

  • Thought slack dot org's were also on Twitter at view vixens, and we're always open for more people to join us and more people to attend our event and help us out.

  • And remember, always pay it forward.

  • And thank you so much for everyone who's always making the effort to help everyone in our community.

  • Thank you.

Thank you.

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