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  • dancing in the aisles, the arms in the air.

  • It could be any old concert.

  • Yeah, but look a little closer.

  • Is that really a diva?

  • Which I see before me, the's a Whitney Houston fans singing along with someone, something completely new.

  • Whitney Houston died at just 48 2012.

  • Career cut short After years of addiction and health problems shocking, many hoped that one day this powerful voice off pop back on stage in her glory.

  • Now, in a quirk of innovation, many have a chance to celebrate her once more.

  • Introducing Whitney Houston hologram.

  • This hologram is not just performing here in Sheffield.

  • It's being taken to 11 other cities in the U.

  • K and is touring Europe.

  • The image itself is not created from Archive of Houston.

  • Choreographer worked with a body double to mirror her movements.

  • Wanted to make sure that we not only hired someone to capture the essence of Whitney, we made sure that the songs set list actually laid out so that people can enjoy the best hits from her.

  • This tour has the support of the late singer's family, her sister in law, the CEO of the Whitney Houston Estate says Now is just the right time.

  • Yet it is only eight years since Houston was found dead in a bath in a Los Angeles hotel.

  • The cause was accidental.

  • Drowning, drug abuse and heart disease were also factors.

  • The coroner said.

  • She was a chronic cocaine user.

  • You know, Whitney, in her later years, battled a lot of things that a lot of people go through.

  • I think this is kind of just celebrating her life and her legacy and her music.

  • That brings us all back to that happy place of Whitney and that we all grew up listening to.

  • There are critics who would say there's a fine line between honoring her legacy and exploiting it and making money out of it.

  • How do you respond to that?

  • I don't respond to that.

  • I think this is a great way to completely enjoy Whitney's music as a fan.

  • As a lover of Whitney Andi, I think critics before they even can speak on it, they need to see the show.

  • The real test for all this tech is how it fares with the punters and whether the hologram can convince fans on a cold, wet night in Sheffield Close as you're ever gonna get now to use of a genuine.

  • It was amazing.

  • I love music.

  • It was a happy celebrating.

  • Beautiful way.

  • Don't miss.

  • Our levels were paid a one a £2.

  • If Whitney Houston's life ended in sadness, this first concert surely shows her main legacy that her hits her balance.

  • Her otherworldly presence could still bring out the smiles.

  • The sting, along with shimmies, pure joy and perhaps that really is something were recreated.

dancing in the aisles, the arms in the air.

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