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  • the next morning, Dave's back from his hard rock prospecting mission at Miller Mountain mine.

  • What I really want to talk to you guys about is the possibility of doing from hard rock mining.

  • This gold right here came out of some hard rock and I think this could be the future of our little small mining company.

  • You know, they brought us out here to plaster, mind you going hard rock.

  • This gold has never been seen by anybody and I want to chase it.

  • I believe in hard rock mining.

  • I think it's our future.

  • If we hit this, could it change our lives?

  • I think it could.

  • So Dave wants to do hard rock mining just became placid miners.

  • We're just getting this wire down.

  • But I had to go marching Outlook.

  • A hard rock.

  • That's a whole new animal.

  • There's no doubt about it.

  • This is not thousands of dollars.

  • This is millions of dollars, literally.

  • Again.

  • That will be my responsibility to bring that money in.

  • It excites the hell out of me.

  • What kind of makes my pants a little bit too?

  • That's where you could really get some nice golden.

  • A lot of gold real quick.

  • It's gonna be tough.

  • But, you know, if Dave wants toe chase after his dream, you know who could stop him days air to get done.

  • And that's the one thing I like about.

  • You know he's there for the best of us, the best for him.

  • So let's go.

  • If Dave has any chance of making his hard rock dream a reality, he must first focus on birds Eye and at the northern edge of the claim.

  • He's taking a look at the new ground at the dredge edge cut.

  • That dredge came through here and it had to put overburden somewhere for the first cut.

  • Right, Right.

  • So this, in my opinion, is right where the dredge stopped.

  • So the dredge worked it over there, through there.

  • Overburdened hair.

  • This is virgin underneath that overburden.

  • Yes, there.

  • Those old boys were pretty good at what they did, but hopefully they left a little bit along this line for us to pick up finish the season.

the next morning, Dave's back from his hard rock prospecting mission at Miller Mountain mine.

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Dave Turns to Hard Rock Mining | Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/28
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