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  • that's right.

  • Next year I want to do geography bees, but this time I want to go abroad.

  • Hello, geography.

  • Now my name is Atma Drama, and I am currently in her case of Somalia or Sel Island, depending who you ask, since it's the country that isn't internationally recognized.

  • So we're pretty awesome to visit a country that isn't on the map yet.

  • So this is hard Geza, located in a somewhat controversial area to the locals, it's known as Somaliland.

  • To a Somali person, it's just another part of Somalia.

  • It's a tricky situation to talk about little controversial, and we're gonna check it out.

  • Our Geza is one of the safest places to visit in the Horn of Africa.

  • In fact, they really don't want anything to do with the rest of Somalia.

  • They've been fighting for their independence for over 30 years, and it's really interesting.

  • I mean, you could just walk down the street.

  • No problem.

  • I did some Instagram stories just yesterday.

  • Nobody cared.

  • What do you want the whole world to know about this place you call Somaliland?

  • Well, the biggest, the most appointing is that the country's safe piece, really peaceful people are really friendly here.

  • So I think you will have a maybe a great time if you come and visit.

  • Hi.

  • Gets up 10 years ago wasn't the same.

  • It's not so I really love about it is we are always in constant development and you want tours to come.

  • You want people to come.

  • That's the thing.

  • So that that's that's my goal.

  • Actually, my was My goal is to first bring that Jasper back because I like I said, it's a developing country.

  • Somali dance will come back here, build the country up.

  • Then the tourists come here.

  • I'm not think Notre shouldn't come now.

  • She definitely should come.

  • But, you know, that's definitely that's my second face, please, to is a tourist.

  • What can people expect if they visit?

  • Yes, we have the same culture of Somalia on the other regions of Ethiopia, Kenya, but we have a different dialect, language wise.

  • It would be difficult because everyone knows English.

  • Nobody pays on the phone Wasn't the scythe to actually like even middle Children have that.

  • It's so fine.

  • And if you love food, you should come here.

  • Since the life, it is amazing, since there are many tours.

  • You have the whole place to yourself.

  • So you could take in all the sights for yourself.

  • Like last scale, which is a cape with paintings that are thousands of years old inside.

  • So please choose.

  • So I'll entry next order.

  • Be Thanks.

that's right.

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