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  • our builds are shaping up at this point, Laura seems to be focused on brute force.

  • I'm concentrating on my targeting system to give my work hog the edge I need.

  • And Simone's plan smokes plan is just not that clear yet.

  • It's end of day one.

  • I'm trying my best not to look over having more what they're doing because I feel like they've added a lot of things and I mostly just taken away a lot of things.

  • I don't even know what we're gonna come up with.

  • It's Day two of our post apocalyptic build.

  • Laura Cops.

  • Battle Car is already projecting an appropriate air of menace.

  • I'm prepping my wart hog for battle while Simone is turning her attention.

  • Tow her car's defenses.

  • So I'm thinking, like if I could puncture their tires in some way, yes, then that would kind of bringing him down much.

  • And then we can compete.

  • You might stop them altogether.

  • Maybe I'm dragging something along that if people drive over it, their tires get busted and that has like, spikes on them.

  • Yeah, that's doable.

  • So it's gonna be like this weird little scorpion tail that's gonna go on the end of the car, you can kind of flop down, and if somebody drives over it, they're probably gonna bust their tires.

  • I'm hoping Just want to intimidate Adam and Laura.

  • Laura's car looks so good, Ben.

  • Now our cars won't have the tank guns, harpoons or flamethrowers that the Mad Max is of the Wasteland Festival have on theirs.

  • But I am determined to make my pitching machine as fearsome a weapon as possible.

  • Here's how this works.

  • When I want to fire one, I pull on the string from inside the cabin, the car, and that raises this lever, which feeds one ball into the mechanism.

  • Now I can see where to aim with this camera.

  • In order to start my weapon, I plug it in here like this.

  • Now, once I could see where to aim, I pulled the trigger Once.

  • Here we go.

  • Yeah, that's off.

  • I'm all in on my ball shooter, but I'm not the only one going ballistic.

  • It's nice, and it didn't break the glass.

  • I'm intimidated.

  • This is savage.

our builds are shaping up at this point, Laura seems to be focused on brute force.

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