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  • I love you, too.

  • Hello World is one of the most famous computer programs in the world, a rite of passage.

  • As you begin your journey into computer science education, we say Hello, world As an introduction to a new programming language, Hello World marks the opening of the new door to be very beginning of the journey.

  • Each and every time this phrases uttered, I am fully aware of the symbolism of these two simple words.

  • They represent a commitment toe add to one's personal development to imprint on ad richly toe Harvard story, and this journey is bravely taken.

  • Despite our very disciplines.

  • At the end of CS 50 we can all confidently and humbly say hello world and know that we have all passed through the same checkpoint in our unique individual journey that is undoubtedly demanding but as seen here today, ultimately doable.

  • And your journey is measured not in where you end up relative to others, but where you yourself end up relative to yourself in Week zero.

  • Indeed, I'd argue that CS fifties best lessons aren't actually in programming, but for life itself.

  • You learn quickly that programs with any modicum of complexity are not written from scratch.

  • You learn to include an import, libraries of code functions and classes and structures written by others.

  • And what better library than Harvard's, the largest academic research collection in the world.

  • Contained within the Labyrinth library are vast banks of knowledge, which he will quit in your toolbox formula from great mathematicians, rigorous case studies, poems and religious texts and literature.

  • Yet even with this tool box, you struggle encountering bugs and glitches.

  • Your code doesn't work properly.

  • It might not even work or run it all.

  • You often find yourself questioning whether the system itself is broken.

  • Or maybe, are you the one that came broken.

  • You get your feedback parts, the error messages and start to debug line by line.

  • This journey is painful.

  • It is grueling.

  • It is filled with frustration, struggle and sleepless nights and career deep dining hall fretting over assignments and deadlines.

  • But with the lows come many highs, the camaraderie of your study group, a surge of strength and confidence from your block mates.

  • Encouragement.

  • The moment you finally solve a complicated problem, your ah ha moment is when you learn the difference between knowledge and intelligence and that logic can link the two.

  • Your ah ha moment is when you realize that there are many options for how to implement something, all of them viable solutions.

  • Just as all of us have different paths, some of us have crossed oceans to get here today.

  • I have fought prejudice to get here today.

  • Have battled physical and mental health complications to get here today have sacrificed more than I can mention to get here today.

  • Many of us here today have achieved beyond our wildest dreams as a proud black Asian female, first generation working class engineer, scientist, educator, but most importantly, always a learner.

  • I want to show it out to all of you.

  • Hello world.

  • I see you and I'm here with you.

  • Each one of us has done it.

  • But also we have done this together.

  • We have imprinted forever on Harvard's network, made our own contribution to the library and the Harvard story continues.

  • We see our own tree planted as we also see the forest that were a part of this journey is exhilarating and the most exquisite learning adventure that I have ever had the pleasure and honor to experience and share with all of you.

I love you, too.

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