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  • Hi.

  • I'm manager and I'm Hippo and its tip Tuesday on Show me the curry dot com And our tip today is how to get ginger on demand.

  • Cute name, but lower times, You know, you buy Ginger and, uh, you know, either we buy a little, but you just have to buy enough to use it, or you have to kind of make a base for it.

  • And, you know, he's just another we off utilizing our skipping your ginger longer, fresher and better.

  • So he has a great tip.

  • You just take your ginger.

  • Did you buy and just wash it off?

  • Just make sure it's clean and make sure you get into the crevice is over here like this.

  • Make sure there's no mud or dirt over here.

  • And what you're gonna do is we're gonna like cups pieces off it like this.

  • And the other thing they did was up to be washed, and we kind of dispatch it'd drive with a paper towel Or just leave it on your counter, let it dry up a little bit before you do this.

  • And, you know, gender tends to be a little fibrous, so that's all okay, and what we're gonna do is just put it in a little Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer.

  • So when we want, we can just take it out and just grade it, and it's very easy.

  • And that's the reason why you kind of want to make a little smaller pieces on like Pinna pieces.

  • So it's easy to great.

  • This tends to be a little harder, but, of course, still doable.

  • So we're gonna do is we're gonna cut this in half so, you know, just take out and just great it and it's ready to use now.

  • One thing when you're picking Ginger, just aside to this is exactly what I did, like, snapped open.

  • So at the store, just snap one of the pieces open and you can actually tell if the gingers really fibrous inside.

  • Or if it's really nice and tender, you don't see a lot of fibers, you know it's better that way, right?

  • So we actually have some ginger already frozen.

  • So that's true that how beautiful it stays, that the color, nothing changes on it.

  • So it's really nice and fresh looking.

  • Don't you need it just greatest very easy to go and look at that really nice and fine.

  • Don't get chunks of ginger and your food, right?

  • Any clicked?

  • You can even go like a little thicker as faras, the grating is concerned.

  • This is like we wanted admits, so this is perfect, but if you want a little take a great you can do that.

  • Also, you will not get the fibers and look at that beautiful.

  • When you're done, put it back in.

  • There's a blood bag and back in the freezer, ready for your next time that you need it.

  • Now one of the things you'll notice is that we did not peel are ginger, and that's a completely optional step because the peel also has a wonderful flavor that adds to the whole dish.

  • But I know some people are a little particular about that.

  • So if you want to go ahead and peel it before you know, just wash it, peel it, let it dry and then continue for works the same way.

  • Also, I think sometimes appeals very leathery.

  • So, yeah, if your ginger is older, the skin off the gingers.

  • Flattery, please, by all means.

  • Remove it, and we just took the easy way out and keeping it on on our skin.

  • That's really nice, and it's fresh and you can.

  • You can tell that it's very fitting, so it doesn't affect anything.

  • So if you have a tip out there that you'd like to share with us and our viewers, please email it at tips at Show Me the carried up.

  • Come and join us again on another Tuesday for another tip on, show me the curry dot com.


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