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  • boom.

  • Does he mind ruffling?

  • It's becoming clear that Germany has a problem with foul right terrorism.

  • A resident in Hanno, east of Frankfurt, filmed the aftermath of its latest nightmarish manifestation last night.

  • People out together on a Wednesday night enjoying tea and a sheesh a pipe.

  • Nine people were shot and killed by a far right extremist, those who died between the ages of 2144.

  • A mix of nationality, some from Turkey, some car dish, some originally from Germany.

  • Initially, Elysian was procedures I can't grasp yet everything that has happened.

  • My colleagues, all my colleagues, they're like my family.

  • They can't understand it either, but I hope that there is a hope that God is with them.

  • The gunman's rampage started here at the midnight bar in the center of town, according to Warn German newspaper.

  • He rang the doorbell first and then opened fire on people in the smoking section, according to German media.

  • A pregnant mother was among the victims.

  • The gunman then left the scene in a car onto his next destination.

  • The suspects began the attack at the midnight Shi Shi bar in the center of Hanno, around 10 p.m. Witnesses reported hearing eight or nine gunshots.

  • He then drove to the west of the town to the arena bar, where he killed more people.

  • The suspect then drove to his home nearby, where it's reported he shot his elderly mother before turning the gun on himself.

  • In the last few hours, German prosecutors named a 43 year old suspect of Tobias, or it's the convention in Germany just to give the first letter off a surname.

  • When it comes to suspects, a man matching that name lives on the street just here behind me, and we've just seen Ah body been taking out of a property.

  • They're unloaded into the back of one of the mortuary vans in front of the police truck, a man matching that name, Tobias, or published a 24 page manifesto of sorts with depressingly familiar themes.

  • When it comes to this sort of attack, hatred of non white people, hatred of foreigners, a mash up of eugenics and conspiracy theory, your country, it's under control off invisible secret societies.

  • German media has identified the killer as Tobias Rajan, University graduate, born and bred, and Hanno.

  • He recently posted this video message online talking about secret bunkers in the US where people were killed.

  • This was a gift.

  • Racism is poison.

  • Hatred is poison on.

  • This poison exists in society and it is to blame.

  • For far too many crimes, far right attacks have become a particular concern for German authorities.

  • In October 2 people were killed in an anti Semitic neo Nazi gun attack in the eastern city of Hala.

  • The rampage was streamed live.

  • Last June, politician Walter Looker, an advocate for more liberal refugee policies, was shot dead at his home.

  • Then, just last Friday, police arrested 12 members of a German extreme right group believed to have been plotting large scale attacks on mosques.

  • This evening, German President Frank Walter Steinmeier laid flowers at the scene.

  • This is a country in mourning.

  • This is a country asking questions of itself.

  • We're outside the midnight bar here in Hanoi and throughout the day people have been coming to lay flowers and pay their respects here because of course this is first and foremost a deep personal tragedy for the friends and families of those who have lost loved ones.

  • But there is also political context here as well on in particular eyes turning to the far right party, the F D people, starting to question whether what they consider to be that party's toxic narrative, have played a part in this on one left wing politician in particular tweeted out of picture often a F D poster that was recently published, which warned against what what it described as criminals congregating in sheesha bars.

  • We've tried to reach out to the F.

  • D to find out whether that poster is genuine and get some reaction from them to that.

  • But either way, throughout the day here, people coming up to us on the street, questioning the extent to which that sort of language, that's sort of narrative, fed into what happened here last night.

  • All right, thanks very much.


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