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  • Babies with beards and cups of warm kitty. Take it easy, because we are about to loose

  • control. It's episode 49 of IMG!

  • Okay, whose legs are whose? And can you find the hidden scary face?

  • If Pac-Man has a skull, it probably looks like this.

  • And Information Is Beautiful analyzed horoscopes to create a visualization of the most commonly

  • used words by sign. Words in red were uniquely common for each

  • sign. The Earth orbits on a tilt, so as the year

  • progresses, the terminator, the line marking the border between night and day sways back

  • and forth. These pictures were all taken at 6 a.m. from

  • September 2010 to September 2011, giving us an incredible time lapse of day and night

  • on Earth for one year. Makes you a bit dizzy?

  • Well, just be sure you don't puke ribbons. Oh, a facelifting cream.

  • Ooops. The lines on a parking lot can be dandelions

  • and Craig Alan painted these portraits of famous faces, made out of people standing around.

  • Here's a cat... but where does it end? Oookay.

  • This cat isn't as big, but the mess he made is.

  • And Kerry Skarbakka uses rock climbing equipment, safe landing mats or sometimes nothing to

  • make these photos of himself falling. Seth Casteel captures dogs falling into water.

  • And Robert Downey Jr. as a pin-up girl is something fun to gawk at.

  • Though you can also gawk at Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel by using the Vatican's amazing

  • virtual tour. It's almost more of a DONG than an IMG, but

  • go ahead, look around with the mouse and zoom in and out by scrolling.

  • The art is amazing, but let's be honest. All paintings are better with cats added.

  • Now this hurts my brain. Moving dots, whose meaning is ambiguous, we

  • can add cues that make it look like a spinning helix or enable a different cue that turns

  • it into a waving ribbon. Still crazier, a cue that turns your perception

  • of the whole thing into a chain of flat moving bulges.

  • I love these photographs of people whose arms melt into the horizon.

  • Oh, and this roller-coaster? It's actually a walking coaster.

  • The loop, though, is pretty much impossible to travel.

  • I Love Graphs showed off a sweet chocolate chart and Palindrome.

  • Get it? On you guys have

  • been awesome. Manuel points out a can't-unsee-fact about

  • the ampersand. Ashley showed us a grandfather clock with

  • an attitude. And Garett suggested a clever Easter prank.

  • Oh and Shelby said "Ladies..." Here's an artist who draws shoes turning into

  • umbrellas and has also built super-cool squashed-bug wallpaper, tables that collide, do backflips

  • and play Twister. Yayoi Kusama put a blank white room in a museum

  • and then gave stickers to kids, who could place them anywhere.

  • It was fun. And after long enough, it got pretty gosh darn

  • awesome. So is the room of heights, where

  • visitors were asked to measure and mark their own height on a wall, eventually leaving a

  • thick human-height-sized band across the room. Too analytical?

  • Well how about we just get a giant helium balloon covered in charcoal spikes.

  • Batting it around draws on the walls. If your car gets stuck you might need camel

  • to...wing. And this week, 9Gag showed me that tortoise

  • still has a few tricks up his shell. Ned Hardy displayed Star Wars if Doctor Seuss

  • had written it. And Cecilia Paredes paints herself to hide,

  • just like Bolin, except she often leaves her hair and eyes strikingly visible.

  • I leave you with a mystery. An optical illusion consisting of moving dots

  • and circles, but what's crazy is that we, to this day, do not know why our brains add

  • this illusory contour connecting the dots. There's no known mechanism or theory yet proposed

  • to explain what we see. If you figure it out, you should probably

  • let science know, but until then... As always, thanks for watching.

Babies with beards and cups of warm kitty. Take it easy, because we are about to loose

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