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  • so everybody's been busting ass to get through that valley.

  • We've had problems.

  • Just one after another gets really test pans up here.

  • Parker Schnabel is racing to mine out the final third of his ground before winter hits.

  • He's given co Foreman Brennan one week to get through the whole of Death Valley, you know, five.

  • Both those wash plants are eating up material by the end of the night shift there, chewing through more than I could haul in 12.

  • There's still a lot of ground to get through, so you know, it's still not connect even know if we're gonna get done all in one week.

  • Road through Death Valley here is just so narrow.

  • I mean, kind of ridiculous.

  • We're hauling ass to get this paint plant now.

  • We gotta be careful out here.

  • It's pretty pretty dangerous going through so much.

  • Hey, I mean, you gotta keep that tape.

  • I talked up, you know, we're not hauling ass.

  • It's gonna run out.

  • Holy Hey.

  • I just want attagirl.

  • After a collision.

  • Parker calls the rock truck drivers in for a meeting.

  • I really just want to make sure that you guys are aware the safety issue with driving high speed down here.

  • I can't have somebody getting hurt here.

  • Know for sure.

  • There's been a couple of close calls just from what I've seen.

  • So we've just gotta slow down, find a rhythm that works.

  • I'm really gonna have this conversation with you guys once.

  • We're only gonna get tighter on space as we work our way down there.

  • It's gonna become a zoo around here, so let's just try to be safe.

  • Dr.

  • Reasonable.

  • Think about as I'm flying by this machine.

  • If Parker's dog comes running out from behind it, can I stop?

  • In time?

  • You wouldn't.

  • Have you killed my dog.

  • Gonna be bad.

  • That's the toned down version.

  • Hopefully the message is received.

so everybody's been busting ass to get through that valley.

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