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so everybody's been busting ass to get through that valley.
We've had problems.
Just one after another gets really test pans up here.
Parker Schnabel is racing to mine out the final third of his ground before winter hits.
He's given co Foreman Brennan one week to get through the whole of Death Valley, you know, five.
Both those wash plants are eating up material by the end of the night shift there, chewing through more than I could haul in 12.
There's still a lot of ground to get through, so you know, it's still not connect even know if we're gonna get done all in one week.
Road through Death Valley here is just so narrow.
I mean, kind of ridiculous.
We're hauling ass to get this paint plant now.
We gotta be careful out here.
It's pretty pretty dangerous going through so much.
Hey, I mean, you gotta keep that tape.
I talked up, you know, we're not hauling ass.
It's gonna run out.
Holy Hey.
I just want attagirl.
After a collision.
Parker calls the rock truck drivers in for a meeting.
I really just want to make sure that you guys are aware the safety issue with driving high speed down here.
I can't have somebody getting hurt here.
Know for sure.
There's been a couple of close calls just from what I've seen.
So we've just gotta slow down, find a rhythm that works.
I'm really gonna have this conversation with you guys once.
We're only gonna get tighter on space as we work our way down there.
It's gonna become a zoo around here, so let's just try to be safe.
Think about as I'm flying by this machine.
If Parker's dog comes running out from behind it, can I stop?
In time?
You wouldn't.
Have you killed my dog.
Gonna be bad.
That's the toned down version.
Hopefully the message is received.
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Parker Scolds His Crew for Speeding | Gold Rush

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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