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(eerie music) 2
Hello? 3
The controversial movie "The Hunt," 4
starring Hilary Swank, is finally coming out 5
after it was shelved following a string of mass shootings. 6
There's been a killing spree. 7
You gotta come here right now. 8
The horror flick shows gun-toting rich elites 9
hunting so-called "deplorables" for sport. 10
Every year, these liberal elites kidnap 11
a bunch of normal folks like us 12
and hunt us for sport. 13
After deadly shootings in Ohio 14
and Texas last summer, 15
President Trump tweeted, "Liberal Hollywood is racist. 16
"The movie coming out is made to inflame and cause chaos." 17
Universal pulled the film, but now it's back. 18
"Variety"'s Matt Donnelly says "The Hunt" 19
is not what you think. 20
The public was lead to think that the film 21
was about red states versus blue states 22
and it was an all-out bloodbath. 23
It's actually not. 24
You actually believed we were hunting 25
human beings for sport. 26
It's actually morbidly fun. 27
It's a portrait of a very extreme personality. 28
"Time Magazine" calls it 29
"a tongue-in-cheek satirical thriller." 30
The film is now being marketed as 31
the most talked about movie of the year 32
is one nobody's seen. 33
An online petition by the group One Million Moms 34
says it's disgusted 35
and that "The Hunt" will be detrimental to society. 36
(dramatic music)
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‘The Hunt’ Film Is Released After Being Shelved for Violence

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林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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