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War Eagle.
War Eagle.
War Eagle!
What's the status of the trees?
I'd never date a bammer.
Is it still alive or...
It only takes a second.
It only takes a second!
Carlson for Heisman.
I hate Harvey Updyke.
I hate Harvey Updyke.
I mean, I can at least respect Saban's talent.
What a low life.
Alabama fans love Alabama football.
Auburn fans love Auburn.
Get rid of it.
Oh my gosh!
Throw the flag.
Why can't they leave the tree alone?
Why do they even say roll tide?
Leave the tree alone.
Their mascot's an elephant.
War Eagle!
LSU lost today.
What even is a rammer jammer?
If we had the playoffs in 04...
I miss Cam Newton.
I miss Nick Marshall.
I miss Chris Todd.
I'll take anyone right now.
I'll be glad when Nick Saban's gone.
It's a shaker.
It's not a pom-pom.
Why can't we score touchdowns?
Pick one QB.
Stop substituting.
Gus is an offensive genius.
Gus is on the hotseat.
We need to fire Gus.
Clemson copied our mascot.
I actually need to keep one of these cause I ran out of toilet paper.
Aubie's the best mascot of all time.
Tell no one.
He's won more championships than Nick Saban.
We have the best traditions.
If we lose next week, I'm not going to class.
Remember the Camback?
We need to play Sean White.
The Kick Six was better.
We need to play JF3.
If we lose next week, I'm not going to Skybar.
We need to play the freshman.
If we lose this game, I'm not going to church.
Gus is waisting the best defense we ever had.
Bo Jackson is the best athlete...
...of all time.
Bo over the top.
At least our swimming team's good.
At least we have horseback riding.
Our softball team might not lose.
As long as we beat Bama.
As long as we beat Bama...that's what matters the most.
Ok...I like...
He's open!
He's open!!!!
Let's go!
War Eagle.
War Eagle!!!!!
I'm a grown man.
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Things Auburn Fans Say

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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