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  • Twas a Sunday morning when I woke up, happy and ready for the day, when suddenly

  • [alarm sounding]

  • (as YouTube bot) Your access to YouTube has been suspended

  • (as Grey) Whawhy?

  • (as YouTube bot) because of a perceived violation of the terms of service

  • (as Grey) Really? What could I have possibly done?

  • (as YouTube bot) Irrelevant!

  • YouTube reserves the right to terminate your account at any time, for any reason."

  • Was this helpful? Yes / No

  • (as Grey) This messenger from Olympus had reminded me that we are all but homunculi

  • at the whims of a capricious algorithmic god.

  • Which is useful to keep in mind.

  • Soyes? Technically?

  • But I wasn’t happy with the gods.

  • So, I did what any brave hero would do.

  • Towards Olympus, I tweeted.

  • [birds chirping]

  • Alas, it was the weekend.

  • And there was no one to hear my chirping.

  • All was despair.

  • Now, youre able to watch this video because I did,

  • when the work week started,

  • eventually make it through the system to discover YouTube had

  • suspended my account for impersonation -- of me.

  • Which was a bitwut?

  • Maybe the YouTube bots thought my verified channel was acting a bit toobot-like.’

  • Which is ridiculous.

  • So they shut it down.

  • But I may never know.

  • Anyway, I'm here reciting this's hero's ballad

  • as a reminder to everyone who makes things on a platform:

  • that the gods are arbitrary

  • and their rules of who can speak from Olympus are but words of whimsy on the wind.

  • And follow them or not, you may be knocked off at any time.

  • For any reason.

  • There is only one of the ancient, sleepy titans left from the pre-web days

  • whose indifference to all allows all upon his mountain: Email.

  • Though his son, Gmail sure is trying to dethrone him.

  • But, the titan still holds onfor now at least.

  • What I'm saying is if you're a creator,

  • I strongly suggest you get yourself an email list.

  • And if you're a viewer who likes the videos I make, consider signing up for my email list.

  • There's about a hundred thousand of you already there, which is amazing,

  • but also far short of the millions of you here that YouTube says it

  • very diligently and very reliably notifies about my videos.

  • So before you watch the newest one,

  • (which I'm sure you got notified for)

  • please consider clicking here and joining my email list.

  • While youre doing that, I’m going to work on my next video.

  • And also prepare a sacrifice to the gods to pray they don’t smite me again before it’s done.

  • [music fading]

Twas a Sunday morning when I woke up, happy and ready for the day, when suddenly

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YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/28
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