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  • So the question is, is what Our name servers in regards to D.

  • N s.

  • So you've gone to a domain registrar, You've purchased your domain names, like has failed normal dot com geek field notes dot com Whatever domain name it is and you go in and you look at the different configurations and you see the records, you see the sea names, you see the MX records.

  • One of the configurations that you will see is you will see the name servers, and you may wonder if you should go, and you should change those for any reason.

  • Now, in general, you shouldn't change the name servers unless you know why you're changing the name servers.

  • All the name servers are are These are the servers where your D.

  • N s information is actually stored.

  • So that's accessible by the Internet.

  • So basically, when people go and they try to resolve fail normal dot com to an I p address, the name servers is where all that information is.

  • So the records of see names, the MX records, all of that you go to your domain registrar, you plug in all the information, all the configuration, information and then when you're getting when you get done and you click, save all of that information is then sent to those names servers.

  • And then that information is replicated out to the other name servers.

  • So all the name servers are is they are the D.

  • N s servers that actually contain your information and are accessible by the Internet.

  • Now, there are very few reasons why you would want to change your name servers, but you are able to so you're able to plug in to name servers.

  • So whenever you go and you look at the configurations, you'll see you can put in to name servers and generally those names servers will already be provided to you by your high SP.

  • So if you're using goat out, your host gator, whoever else you will buy your domain name.

  • When you go into the D.

  • N s manager to change configurations, you will already see those names servers there.

  • And generally you don't change them.

  • Now there are reasons that you would change those names servers in particular instances.

  • One of the reasons you might change those names servers is if you are using some kind of cloud service provider that requires you to change those names.

  • Server.

  • So So, most of the time, whenever you're going to be using some kind of cloud based service, you can point a C name or you can pointed a record to that service and that that's all you need to dio In order to make sure the d.

  • N s runs properly.

  • Some of the modern cloud infrastructure requires that you use their name server so you may use go, Daddy to purchase your domain name, but then use one and one or you may use some other cloud provider to actually provide your infrastructure.

  • Service is now depending on who you use and what you're using.

  • They may require you to use their name servers instead of the name servers that you normally use with your I.

  • S P.

  • So all you do in that situation is you look through the instructions, whatever company or using whatever vendor you're using will tell you the name servers that you have to use.

  • Then you go back to the D.

  • N s manager for your domain, right to star you plug in those names servers you hit save and up to 24 hours later, everything should work properly.

  • So the first reason that you would use different names servers If if you were simply required to buy whatever cloud based service is that you're using, the other reason you might use names Service's servers is if you are big enough and you have enough of a technical staff that it actually makes sense again.

  • We're talking about name servers.

  • Thes are really servers, and as such, they can be configured and they can be tweaked based off of what you actually need is a company.

  • Now, to be clear, if you're running a WordPress sight if you're running a marginally successful business, you don't need to worry about new name servers.

  • But if your Facebook if your Google if your YouTube if you are instagram If you're something like that, you may have enough of an interest in the engineering component that you want to build your own name servers so that they do name resolution and particular ways.

  • So perchance, if you want things done based off of geography.

  • So if you have different different people trying to grab your D.

  • N s information and they're coming from different areas, you may want to be able to dynamically change how the information is presented to them.

  • Basically, you may want to be looking for these the's more specific things and again, but this is at the point when you're high hiring coders, literally to work full time just to figure out the d.

  • N s and figure out how this infrastructure is supposed to work.

  • So by and large, you do not change your name servers.

  • The only times that that most people will is if they're using some kind of cloud service provider, they again they decide to start using some kind of Web hosting solution or something else where they require you change the name server.

  • At that point, all you d'oh!

  • You see what name servers were supposed to trade?

  • You two, You go change the name server, you click, save you wait for it to replicate out.

  • Now, you will notice that for information whenever you add information to your D.

  • N s records and they can take up to 24 hours for that information to be fully within the d n a system.

  • And the reason for that is because there are there hundreds or thousands, maybe tens of thousands of supposed of D.

  • N S servers out there.

  • So when you add your information to the name servers do that information gets replicated out through the D.

  • M s infrastructure, and so it can take time for all that information to be replicated out to all of the places that it needs to be replicated out.

  • So that's why they say, whenever you change your configurations toe, wait up to 24 hours.

  • Now in the modern world, it should take nowhere near 24 hours.

  • It should take an hour, two at most.

  • But theoretically, with however, that replication strategy is, it may take up to 24 hours.

  • And that's simply because with the D N A servers, these are database servers.

  • They share their information through replication strategy, and however that replication strategy is set up, it may take a little bit of time for the information informant eighth information to be replicated to all of the different servers.

So the question is, is what Our name servers in regards to D.

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