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  • So are we going to--?

  • I'm busy. I'll be back in 10.

  • Ah, good, you haven't left yet.

  • No, I'm holding here as long as I can.

  • The flight to Santiago is 16 hours

  • and then three more after that.

  • Right. Goodness.

  • I, um...

  • I want to talk to you about the other night.

  • Breanna, we don't need to--

  • No, please, just...

  • I need to apologize.

  • You definitely don't need to apologize.

  • I do, really.

  • We were here working late and I was tired,

  • and I'm sure that played a part, but it's really no excuse.

  • Look, the problems I'm facing in my marriage are mine.

  • And for me to have shared them with you in any part,

  • no matter how small,

  • was not only a betrayal to my husband and to my marriage,

  • but to my work here with you and--

  • And this project as a whole.

  • I don't consider myself your boss.

  • I can't even begin to understand

  • the work that you're doing here.

  • It's brilliant.

  • So I've come to view you as my colleague

  • and perhaps even my friend.

  • Which perhaps is why I...

  • Look, I don't want you to interpret what I said,

  • particularly at the end--

  • Breanna.

  • You were opening up to me.

  • That's natural, considering--

  • No, I was being flirtatious. And it was wrong.

  • And I'm sorry.

  • Raiz called me about an hour ago.

  • Their subject has arrived.

  • So you'll be there for the tests?

  • Yeah, although I don't think I'll be much use the first week.

  • First week? How long are the tests?

  • A little over a month.

  • And you'll be there the entire time?

  • We talked about this the other night.

  • Right, I just-- I didn't realize.

  • And I should probably be going.

  • They'll want me buckled up soon.

  • You should go.

  • I'll see you in a month, then.

  • Maybe before then.

  • I--

  • If I can brave that flight time, I might schedule a trip.

  • [♪♪♪]


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H+ Episode 21: Managing

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    Why Why posted on 2013/03/29
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