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  • Did you stick with me?

  • So now you're in the first section of the Nature of Code

  • learning playlist, and that section is the Introduction.

  • So what's actually going to happen now if you keep watching

  • is the next videos that pop up into your feed

  • or videos that I've made in the last several years

  • about Perlin noise, the history of Perlin noise,

  • and something called open simplex noise,

  • as well as random walks.

  • So this is really just meant to be a warm up,

  • a way to dip your toe into the water.

  • Maybe you haven't programmed in P5 JS with JavaScript

  • or object-oriented programming in a while,

  • and so this will get you a little bit of a warm

  • up before I move on to the next chapter, vectors.

  • So that's where I will be where-- in vectors, I'll

  • be wearing these clothes, because at this moment right

  • now, I am-- recordings that I'm going to next,

  • they'll talk about vectors.

  • But before I-- before you see me then, oh--

  • Nature of Code is really disrupting

  • the space-time continuum.

  • Before you see those, you'll see a bunch

  • of videos about Perlin noise and random walks which

  • you can draw upon, I think, as a starting point for how

  • you might want to start working with vectors.

Did you stick with me?

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