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  • you've probably seen food hacks like these pop up online top tips for tasty treats.

  • But are they too good to be true?

  • Videos like these have clocked up billions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

  • But do all the recipes and tips future actually work?

  • Or will they just waste your time and ingredients?

  • Here's a milk carton flam from the Lifestyle Channel Blossom.

  • This video's had 17 million views.

  • You put the ingredients in the carton, microwave it, call it and out pops a perfect cart and flam.

  • Now I followed this video step by step.

  • I've used the exact same quantities but the eggs and the marshmallows in with the milk and shook it up to see if I get a flan.

  • Now.

  • The first problem came when I tried to put this in the microwave because the milk carton was to tour.

  • It wouldn't fit, and that got me thinking, Well, how did they fit their milk?

  • Are full of ingredients in the microwave?

  • On dhe, It looks like they didn't because if you re watch the video, you'll see that they actually just cut the bottom off the milk carton off.

  • Not to be deterred I pour the mixture into a gym shaker and followed the rest of the video, putting it in the microwave to boil for 10 minutes on.

  • Did I get a flat at the end of it?

  • No, I did not.

  • Oh, well, just scrambled eggs.

  • Really?

  • Next up, gummy bear hacks Easy D I Y dessert recipes from so yummy 3.2 million views in this video.

  • Melting gummy bears turns them into jelly, which you can use to create deserts.

  • Here's my tent, copying exactly why I saw in the video.

  • Turns out gummy bears are actually very thick and gloopy when they are melted, not runny, like liquid jelly.

  • It was very difficult to even pour the mixture into a glass.

  • And here is the finish dessert I didn't put any cream on.

  • I hope you can forgive me, but will my spoon go into the jelly just as effortlessly as in the so yummy video?

  • Well, no, it will not because, as you might expect, this gummy mixture at the bottom of the glass is rock solid.

  • Let's have one more.

  • This is from five minute crafts.

  • If you've run out of popcorn, why not just shove an ear of corn in the microwave on it will turn into popcorn.

  • Now I'm sure I don't need to tell you that if you put an ear of fresh corn into the microwave, it won't come out of popcorn.

  • It will just be hot corn, but I was willing to be proved wrong, so I tried it out in the name of science.

  • When it comes out, it is warmer than before.

  • I'm not the only person that's being intrigued by this on.

  • Reardon is a food scientist on runs, a cookery channel on YouTube, and she's been investigating, too.

  • It's a fake news off the baking world.

  • This is faked baking, and the reason why that works is it's more clickable and click back content is what's currently working on the YouTube Avary them and apparently also working on Facebook as well.

  • That has been trying out a lot of these recipes on her YouTube Channel two.

  • There's one on so yummy where they make cake frosting out of strawberry ice cream and on trying it.

  • It didn't work.

  • I've also tried it and it doesn't work.

  • Having afraid, science degree.

  • I know what properties, different things haven't whether that that would actually work or not.

  • It's actually not possible to whip up ice cream.

  • The fat content isn't high enough.

  • Even if you get the most luxurious last cream you can get, it will not weapon.

  • It will not make thrusting.

  • So it's just sitting people up for five years, and that's just an example of the fight ones.

  • But it's also some now that I'm going into dangerous territory as well.

  • On a five minute crafts have got one where they put extra operate into bleach to Michael What strawberry.

  • If a child was to watch that and try it and ate it, they gonna consume quite a large amount of Blake's, which is obviously not good for them.

  • There's also a so yummy video where they pour molten caramel over a spinning whisk to get a sort of bird's nest decoration to go on top of a dessert that looks kind of dangerous.

  • So on tried out multiple camel is hotch like it's hotter than boiling water, so we've made a box and domestic right in front of it.

  • Their camel melted right through it.

  • I've contacted the companies that made the videos.

  • I featured to get their side of the story.

  • Five minute crafts didn't respond.

  • First Media, which runs so yummy and blossom, invited me to their studio in L.

  • A.

  • To prove their recipes work.

  • But they said I wouldn't be allowed to film it.

  • The company insists they only features recipes that do work, so I can only assume they don't show all the steps or use different amounts of ingredients while we're here.

  • Those melted caramel cake decorations I showed right at the beginning of the video.

  • That's not the best way to make those either.

  • It takes a long time to melt one sweet, and usually they just burn and stick to the plan.

  • The professional and just azizi way according toe on is to put your sweets in a blender, put a thin layer of that on grease proof paper and then put it in the oven for just a few minutes.

you've probably seen food hacks like these pop up online top tips for tasty treats.

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