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What's up, guys?
Welcome back to my channel today I brought my makeup obsessed So loving sister adore High God now mean adore have known each other for a long time When we were just little fetuses were embryo on We've come a long way So I thought You know what?
We need to invite her on your talk about makeup, life and the debauchery of what the hell has been going on?
All the gigs?
If you want to see me in the door, transform thing, keep on watching.
Hey, I I can't We were finally getting ready.
I know no one ever sees you.
Get ready, You know, to take 20 minutes, have you?
Well, I don't know.
You know this, but so many people have been dying for you to be on my channel.
I feel a lot of that.
She's here, baby.
So I always wears you shit.
And I thought even like kissing your ass like I even know.
Like I've turned a lot of the girls from drag race onto shit as well.
I heard you.
Which I can't believe it's so cool.
When I first started watching the show never would have thought so many of these people would be wearing the liquid bathing and highlight.
And I'm like, Yeah, awesome.
Your highlight saved lives.
Quick disclaimer.
She already uses mirrors to get ready.
So this is nothing new for you.
Yeah, which I think is great.
Yeah, on the road, usually.
Like I get ready and compact.
So this is like you're reading in a moving car?
Yes, under moving car and a bus.
Still kind of hard.
They're going over the bumps.
You want to write this primer?
How do you do it?
Just put out my hand.
Yeah, And then you're just gonna fuckin like clothes.
Oh, yeah.
It just feels weird.
Like you're not gonna be scared.
You're not used to it.
But then it dries in 30 seconds.
What do you mean?
And it just do it.
The game like this.
I just use a brush except the longest nails.
I need more dip in.
Doesn't it smell weird?
It was like Old lady smells yummy.
It smells like my perfume that I wear that Rose perfume.
That way.
Party on, party on.
We're diving in a fucking foundation.
Yeah, do my makeup I know I'm I'm ready to roll.
I'm like, Wait, Did like all the girls show you Like how they put their foundation on and everything Yeah, everybody's different, right?
Everyone including me Rolled If you're that cry along Yeah, It's like a four year old try Align Miss Fame turned me on to using that for foundation Oh, my gosh.
Make you need a face so you can Okay, So you you don't really use beauty blenders a lot, right?
No use like the imitation ones that you can get this want me.
So try using the flat part.
Bounce Just tried to see you think the application is any different?
I'm actually gonna makes two foundations today.
Oh, yeah, We're about to get full coverage up in here.
Yes, Got, uh, life.
We're blending.
We're blending.
We're fucking blending.
I need some concealer in this life.
Yeah, I think I'll put some concealer on.
Pretend like I know what I'm doing.
Do use concealer or don't you know, like in defense?
If it's a quick gig that the quick gig is like doing a foundation, foundation and powder.
Hey, we'll have some concealer if you want to try it.
I got it.
Yes, it's fucking heavy.
Was amazing.
I just got a vase Full coverage, but like, it blends out somehow looking great.
So for those of you that don't live in California what you're like almost two hours away, Yeah, there's no traffic.
You're like, maybe like a movie.
Our But there's traffic every single day.
Yeah, like the rush hour.
Every day's like every moment is rush hour in L.
I think that I know.
So if you've never been here, we don't live that far away.
But we gonna D'oh!
Yeah, Like when its congested Yes.
Which is every day.
Oh, my God.
One time I got caught with weed.
I think we're going thio.
We're like going to like, we're going to Berlin or something.
Crossing a border on Dhe There had weed in my backpack, and then I had this dry powder.
They thought it was powder.
Oh, that it was no booking.
Did a random check, and they picked me out of my bunk balls.
Like course.
They didn't coziest toward, like, a lot of girls.
Yes, it was like nine of us.
And then they picked, like, four.
And I was just so happen to be one of your like, of course it's me, Ryan.
We pick the riches of a drinking downstairs, but that's what happened.
They got my bag, and then I'll arrest you.
Yeah, Then that popped out.
No, no, no.
That was my makeup case.
And I was just like I was over and all that weed in there before you even open myself, There's we'd all up in there and they're like, OK, and they put it back for me in these entertainment shows, Is that what you have?
And I was like, Yeah, she's like, That's fine.
And then she sent me on my way and then she, like, went to my makeup just like, Is this only powder?
And I was like, Yes, I honey, that's that shape will take up your girl.
Come on, you're like, fumble if you had that right.
But that was funny.
My mom was Don't play.
No, they don't.
You know.
Surprisingly, Canada is like the place that doesn't play the most.
I feel I know that.
I think I think they're so sick of dealing with Americans, they really aren't done having it there Just kind of over.
I know, but I'm just in London, and I had a medical marijuana there on all these people kept, like, snapping and tweeting like, you gotta be really careful what I'm like.
I'm in my hotel room, right?
Just medicating and chilling.
I'm fine, but do you have to be more careful in Texas?
God e got kicked out of my hotel room just for smelling like fresh weed.
It wasn't even smile.
I've never had that happen yet.
You go.
It was like, Oh, your room smells like smoke.
And I was like, There's no smoking here.
And then they're like, Oh, no, that's fresh for you know, they kicked me out and put like, a air cycle thinking and my fucking room.
Yeah, bears like it was that day.
Yeah, I've definitely had some, uh, charges on my card from the smoking feet.
Yeah, I'm great.
Bring it on.
This is the tart shaped tape concealer.
It's like, really full coverage, but it looks airbrushing be I Do You just play with applicator?
Go right.
And where do you put it?
On your hand or what you do right with the applicator are you sure?
I just got tested.
The role I set the under eye with this'll.
Look how like white this Is that you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You could do a little on your chin if you want forehead.
Whatever you want.
I think this is choc O day is an old school Mac studio fix.
It's called shivering white, not shimmering shiver like you're cold.
And I think it's only at the pro store.
People always ask him where the health and I'm like love pro store.
Uh, we met a long time ago, everybody, and we haven't seen each other in a while.
Yeah, and our world has changed so much you and it's just fucking it's cool to see us, but with growing, it's cool to watch your journey from a bar.
I am the way I don't see what the time, like I'm really fucking proud of you not to get all sentimental, OK?
And it's just cool to see us.
Where are they now?
We're looking right here.
Oh, all right.
God, Contour really makes a difference.
This site is so basic and Disney, isn't it?
All of a sudden we're feeling snatched over here?
Grandpa, I love you guys.
Call me bro.
Yeah, Meteo.
Hey, bro, I'm like, Okay, so you want me to blow?
You wait.
Like, I don't like when guys that I date call me, bro, but I like no, no.
Strangers say that they're insecure.
Hey, bro, Like I'm in a dress, I feel like five different people since I've met you.
I know.
I'm trying.
Think about how much since 2007 are 2008 like, Oh, I'm completely I mean, we've grown so much.
That was such a long time ago.
You go from being like, Well, I was an insecure, little like golf kid in high school.
Like angry at the world.
I wish I would've smoked weed.
Yeah, we were just talking about that.
Which he had to calm the fuck down.
Yeah, I had no idea what it was about.
Judged all my friends that were smoking at.
And now it's finally legal.
Thank you.
Everybody in California for voting for recreational marijuana.
Yes, ma'am.
Got Michael go with the time.
Can we get it moving now?
Texas your next.
Please leave tech the like animals.
I want to pet cow, and I wanna raise it to eat humans.
I mean, yeah, like, get off my property or stick my fucking CALLINYOU.
I mean, we're eating cows.
Why can't they?
You know, I mean, but it won't beat me, because that'll be like I got You will be trained like Hannibal Lecter's.
By the way, I'm so disgusting that this is how I use my brows and lick it like a whole lot.
Dip it in black Nix, block up, love.
Next on the way.
Yes, they remain a secret, but I like my brushes.
Fucking deal So good.
Tried to reach you for doing on yourself.
I'm not doing it on anybody out.
My Russia years with my pink brown.
It was a loose pygmy.
And I would like my brush.
It would make the pigment forever.
Say I would never do on a clay.
No, you're allowed to liquor brushes and you're basically a little black.
And it's on your tongue.
I know what I'm all about.
That I'm all about thug life.
Carol, Tupac would have really my best friend with us.
I feel like I feel like that way I feel like he wouldn't let his brushes if anyone news watching.
I got hairline surgery where I had a widow's peak, and now I don't want my hairline was a little bit lowered.
Its fully grown.
And there's a video about it for months ago.
If you want to check it out, I am like, the happiest I've ever been.
When you start like living your life for you, then you stop giving a fuck what other people think.
Yeah, you and I didn't have really done that until the last few years on It's like fully fully Hari Bhai.
Rivals were late and fucking slave late God, browser, everything.
I want to do a big brown myself like that.
Leave the bro living after all that anxiety and putting these on, I need a fucking hit.
But what's Wonder why Light, either Hole, baby.
Wait a minute.
The brows, though, huh?
Blakey legally eat.
I've been living for neutralize lately.
Like so pretty.
I don't know what's going gotten into me when you have been doing pink and blue.
I shut up to my eyebrows since I was born in this neutral dark got the neutralize and with a cool it save like a fucking wing.
That's a lot of the girls like that.
Because, like, a lot of like the Queen bee, you know, full, full, full.
And some of them look at me like, uh, like, you are.
You just got lucky.
And I'm, like, Good.
I want them to think that I love that.
No, I love that little, like following.
Like what?
Like it's fucking hard, you know?
And I think that looks fucking second.
Shawn, I know makeup has gone through so many trend.
Yeah, and it's like, I don't know.
I just love that you have your own style.
People can say whatever the fuck they want.
Most people fucking live.
Yeah, obviously.
But dragons drag.
Yeah, definitely.
I think it's so cool about, um, show is that it gives you so many different forms of drag.
Yeah, we're all from different universes if, like that, the beauty of it.
And I think I think it opens the door of, like, there's others out there not just doing one, Ryan.
And for a lot of girls that aren't from, you know, like a populated areas that are, you know, like mainstream and kind of like liberal they come from, like, you know, middle America and stuff like that.
And they kind of get culture shocked into, like, girl.
You are what is hot like Everything is hot, like, you know, I mean, so it's, like, kind of bringing everybody together and letting them know, like, bitch, you guys all for for different reasons.
So everyone has their own thing.
Yeah, we don't all have to be doing the same song and dance.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm ended up looking like a Mortal Kombat character.
I always wanted to be Kitano when I was younger, but I got me to Molina was dope and it was hot.
I think I could get me off to watch people do make up.
Not in like a sexual way.
Just six much for my brain.
But I love watching you do make Thio watch him in the morning.
Yeah, and I became enamored.
And here we are, huh?
It's time for a little glitter.
I'm feeling the fantasy.
Everything gorgeous.
That's what I usually do when I get super high on the road like that.
Damn box if you see me before my time is coming clear.
It's probably that really good weed of that.
That city.
What is your favorite Joe liner?
Is that Mac?
Yeah, like, um, the black truck.
Yeah, that one is famously great.
That's amazing.
It's so old but last forever.
That's the cool thing about it.
Come on.
It's time for water line, and I'm just trying to some mascara over here.
I love the years dipping right in that water line.
E I just makes that I Yeah.
Don't don't like Yeah.
What is that?
Um, she's Mac one.
Catch me out.
I have a tattoo on my knuckles.
Have me on me.
Yes, They dio get waited.
I'm taking this ring off.
Sorry, Van Cleef.
I think even my family way.
Look at the mural knuckles.
My grandma used to call me the cat's mouth.
You know.
God, that's funny.
Mine is like full chill like that gives us a number writing.
God does.
That is so cool.
I had no idea you have that.
I nto cheers.
What was your last time you got?
I gotta move on my butt casually and I got a mama's boy with a little heart.
Yeah, And you last one.
I got waas actually divine on my ass.
Did you divine on your ass?
That's fucking bad ass s So you guys have to wait to sit in another love, that gang Super beautiful, Cool.
And the s is so comfy in this thing back.
Okay, Last Don't fucking play me.
Yeah, it's always the brows and the last thing they want to try you, though.
I'm like, Please don't do it to me right now.
Please just stick to my fucking lead.
Yeah, I can't handle this.
Another incident Excited.
Dip into the global because of your shit.
I don't even have to, like, consummate wall because my doctors know you're you're hired, cunt or your cunt, your your highlight.
Just like highlights the fuck out of my way.
It's like bam!
Nobody used to highlight this little brush right here that I got when I was probably, like 20 something.
21 probably.
I don't know where it's from.
Oh, and I also like, literally cake your highlight on and then I d'oh Martha Stewart.
Like, chunky like star glitter, usually I really need to see you are gonna die, is it?
It's her.
It's her brain.
Her brand.
How come I've never heard of this?
Oh, that's really sugar with the shade name called Sugar Cube Sugar you and then they have all these.
She comes with colors and everything.
Oh, my No idea.
She had glitters.
Only wear your hair, right?
Throw them in there like it's too.
Princess Team turned me on to something brand new.
Martha Stewart glare.
I'm about to go on lying.
Yeah, hater and hook it.
Uh, it was Courtney and, um, Alaska were telling me about it, but yeah, so cool.
That little star one is so so that cheek sound telling you.
Okay, in the old days, take like, glitter, glitter, huh?
And do that.
Like, on top of that?
Before there was, like, highlighters.
I was doing just glitter with instead of the powder I love That's gonna do a little now.
Okay, highlight is fucking on point.
Blinding killing death.
God, we look like two NASA queens ready for old satellite.
Real news.
And we was, like, months or high bar B, dawg.
Yeah, like my goal in life and dragons.
Olympic of a monster high part, you know?
But I can't believe the lip is last excited.
If you're gonna do it, you're gonna know what it's called.
It's going crocodile tears.
That's bad out.
That's that.
I know.
Lab sample.
No, no.
Fucking okay.
Uh huh.
I do.
My bottom first in that weird.
No, it's something to do.
The bottom don't do this to making huge.
Like going in on that baby was like, We're going bigger, like Jagger.
Same villa mob.
We're going.
We're going bigger.
Yeah, Something probably still in there.
Let's keep on drawing And then to my lips are like serving Pete Burns.
Real name?
Yes, living legend.
All right, P, baby, he I love him so much.
I know.
Me too.
I still can't get over it.
Oh, my God.
Okay, so last not least setting spray.
You're like, I don't I don't think I will be feeling super spicy, like, super spicy, like, or even just to refresh, like, a little fix plus or something, but, um, yeah, I'm feeling there's so many Armani has its new one.
Okay, that's what things sick.
I'll try.
Whatever you try that one.
Did you just spray it on your face like, Yeah, I'm gonna do that.
My classic urban decay.
All nighter.
God, she's feeling the all nighter.
Get your engines fucking ready to blow just following your lead.
Oh, it's so goddamn.
That's fresh.
Sometimes I just set for an hour before you go out fucking proud sometimes.
Like, set my fucking sometimes love this fucking set my existence.
You have thio set life.
Set it off.
Okay, We're going to go take a two second hair break.
And we'll be repairing that lip though, huh?
How do you feel about our final look?
Still, it says to you in New York it along.
Now, this'll is our final look.
Yeah, I'm I'm living for our makeup.
Yeah, way went really fall.
I love that, but it's kind of like also a little holiday because it's like a green and a red.
It's like we're going into, like, we're diving into micro sophistry.
Yeah, I'm still not over this Martha Stewart Glitter like I'm sure Gina.
Her fucking Linus.
Toby, I was like, Bitch, what the fuck Kind of like when that's on stage looks so cool.
It looks sick, right?
Like I want to coat my CI like I have some glitter going on here.
But that that Martha baby actually fucking painting.
Come on, this will spot.
I was super nervous to do my makeup in front of, like, a camera and something really?
Well, yeah, and I was, like, in your fucking like Gordon missed.
So I'm just like, Well, thank you so much for coming over.
Thank you.
A lot of fine and everybody.
We had to rekindle our love.
Yeah, I would have been way too long.
I'm gonna come visit you in Seattle.
Yeah, convinced me dio get ready in my, uh, have a in the fucking stays.
Need I get ready on the space to get a wallet?
Green eyes.
I would love that dinner on the space needle.
That would be dope.
Thank you so much for coming on my channel.
If you guys aren't already, you all better get the fuck onto adores channel.
Everything will be linked down below and you're on all social media.
It's a chat.
Facebook, all the ram.
Everything will be linked down below, so if you get too high and don't remember.
You could just peek in there, but, um, thank you for coming on Channel B.
Everyone sound off below and let us know what you think of our looks.
And please re create some of these for fall because this is fall, fall into, like, to fall into a baby.
All right, you guys, thank you is so much for watching.
We'll see when the next one.
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