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ALICE: Banana.
CELINA: Oh, thank you, Alice.
And banana to you, too.
ALICE: Banana.
CELINA: You know, when I was little, I loved learning
silly-sounding words.
And I would say them over and over and over again, just like
Alice does.
CARLO: Yeah, me too.
One of my favorite words was snorkel.
I loved saying that.
CELINA: Snorkel?
You know what I get a kick out of?
Oh, don't you know any silly-sounding words, that are
fun to say and hear, that feel absurd coming out of your
mouth and tickle going in your ear?
CARLO: Words like snorkel.
CELINA: And tweezers.
CARLO: And flapjack.
CELINA: And snoot.
CARLO: Not to mention hubbub.
CELINA: And mugwump.
CARLO: And tweak!
CELINA: Tweak!
CARLO: Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel--
ALL: Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel.
CELINA: Flapjak, flapjack.
ALL: Flapjack, flapjack, flapjack.
TELLY: Mugwump, mugwump, mugwump, mugwump.
Mugwump, mugwump, mugwump, mugwump.
CARLO: Flapjack, flapjack.
Flapjack, flapjack, flapjack.
CELINA: Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel,
snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel.
Very good, Alice.
LEXINE: I know another silly-sounding word.
TELLY: How about bassoon?
CARLO: And fussbudget.
ALICE: And rutabaga.
TELLY: Sassafrass!
CARLO: And smudge.
CELINA: Hey, how about flibbertigibbet?
ROSITA: Is there really such a word?
CELINA: Certainly.
Oh, how I love the liberty of saying words like flibberti.
ALL: Fliberty, fliberty, flibbertigibbet.
CARLO: I could repeat from now 'til noon, sassafras,
fussbudget, rutabaga, bassoon.
ALL: Sassafrass, fussbudget, rutabaga, bassoon.
TELLY: Not even a pile of chocolate fudge could please
me more than saying smudge.
ALL: His mouth loves the feel of saying smudge.
Smudge, smudge, smudge!
Oh, what a pleasure it is to speak, when we speak words
like aardvark--
TELLY: And flapjack--
CELINA: And mugwump.
ALL: And tweak!
CELINA: I'm gonna tweak your cheek.
CARLO: Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel, snorkel.
TELLY: Mugwump, mugwump, mugwump, mugwump.
LEXINE: Rutabaga, rutabaga, rutabaga, rutabaga.
CELINA: Snoot.
ALL: Flapjack, rutabaga, aardvark, hubbub, bassoon,
mugwump, tweezers, snoot, sassafras, smudge, fussbudget,
snorkel, flibbertigibbet, and tweak.
ALICE: Banana!
ALL: That too!
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Sesame Street: Silly Sounding Words

1378 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on March 17, 2014
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