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  • JASON: Hi, I'm Jason.

  • ELMO: And Elmo is Elmo.

  • JASON: And today, we're here to tell you all about the word

  • "toss." Now toss means to throw something gently, and

  • you cold toss lots of things.

  • Right, Elmo?

  • ELMO: Yeah, like a ball.

  • You could toss a ball.

  • JASON: Right.

  • Tossing the ball.

  • Toss.

  • ELMO: Oh, good throw.

  • JASON: Thank you.

  • ELMO: Oh, and you can toss a Frisbee.

  • JASON: Yes, tossing the Frisbee.

  • Toss.

  • ELMO: Toss.

  • And you can toss a cow.

  • JASON: A cow?

  • ELMO: Yeah.

  • Toss the cow!

  • COW: Moooooo!

  • Oh!

  • Oh, my!


  • COW: Oh!

  • EVERYONE: Toss!

JASON: Hi, I'm Jason.

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