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  • Hello.

  • A quick little update video this week, and I thought it would be a nice idea to end the year with a video that shows off a lot of the techniques that we've used throughout the year.

  • So here I have a terrain which is pearling noise generated, of course, and second press space to regenerate to rains whenever I need to.

  • Andi implementing a physics engine on The interesting thing about this physics engine is of course, I can drop bombs on it and we can see we get particle effect debris fields and get craters being blown into the terrain on.

  • I can place little units as well scatter these about Smith because it's all just d book.

  • At the moment there is no game implemented.

  • I can detonate explosions wherever I want.

  • This small one on the units themselves is susceptible to the explosions.

  • Drop some bombs on them.

  • There we go.

  • It's all over the place.

  • Nothing constrained.

  • No rules of such just a lot of fun right now.

  • But of course I'm going to use this technology to implement my equivalent to the game Worms on.

  • For legal reasons, I'm probably not going to call.

  • It works, but I'm not going to feel to describe this game in one single video.

  • So I'm gonna break it up over a couple, maybe even three, and I just think that that will be a nice way to end the year In other news have created a discord chat server for anybody that's watching the videos to get involved, and it's a really nice chat.

  • So there's people in here already answering questions and asking questions about code, and everybody's prepared to have a go at answering them on like everything to do with the one loan coded channel.

  • There's no hate, there's no patronizing on.

  • Everybody is quite tolerant.

  • And if anybody isn't tolerant than they're going to get kicked straight away, the nice thing about discord is you don't really need an account to sign up.

  • You can just click on the link and get stuck in straight away with an alias.

  • But if you haven't account, that's quite nice, because then we form a community around.

  • The channel, in particular created some specific chats, so simply chat where we can talk about anything and show your stuff.

  • Feel free to drop links to interesting projects that you've been working on.

  • There's a specific section for consul game engine videos, and I thought it'd be good to have a request.

  • So ideas section.

  • So that's for you guys to fill in with anything you might want to see in the future video.

  • You can access the discord here, the links below all those shown on screen.

  • That's all for this week.

  • Just a quick updates and I'll see you next time.

  • Take it.


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