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  • that $2 trillion relief planned the biggest stimulus bill ever, including those $1200 proposed checks for millions.

  • And how long will unemployment be extended?

  • ABC Is Jonathan Karl Tonight, with late reporting tonight, congressional leaders are hoping to pass the biggest economic relief bill in American history.

  • A fight has arrived on our shores.

  • We did not seek it.

  • We did not want it.

  • But now we're gonna win.

  • It is part of the $2 trillion deal.

  • People earning $75,000 a year or less will get a $1200 check, plus $500 per child.

  • Those earning up to $99,000 a year will get a smaller check.

  • Help is on the way a big help.

  • Quick help.

  • For Elizabeth Mahia, a waitress in Los Angeles.

  • It's not a moment too soon.

  • I need to know that I'm gonna be okay.

  • And so will my kids be if we were to get sick right now.

  • Under the bill, people will receive unemployment benefits for up to 39 weeks instead of 26 and the size of an unemployment check will go up by $600 for four months.

  • There's also help for small businesses.

  • Diane and Lily Joy ll owned a flower shop in North Carolina.

  • We've had probably 20 plus events.

  • Cancel or postpone a lot of weddings.

  • The bill includes a $367 billion loan program for small businesses who do not lay off their workers and $500 billion for large corporations in hard hit industries like airlines and hotels.

  • There's also more than $100 billion in aid for hospitals and healthcare systems and money to help the states offset their losses.

  • John, as you know, Americans, been watching this for days.

  • It's gone on the back and forth.

  • So bottom line, when can we expect a vote on this bill and when can Americans expect to see those checks go out?

  • Well, the Senate may vote as early as tonight, if not tomorrow.

  • The House would follow shortly thereafter, and if that is all done, David checks would begin to go out on April 6th.

  • Now, if you're getting your check via mail, could take four or five weeks before you actually see that money.

  • Those that get direct deposit file there returns electronically could see it earlier.

  • But David, this all depends on Congress.

  • Getting this passed soon.

  • Millions of families desperate for that help.

  • John.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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that $2 trillion relief planned the biggest stimulus bill ever, including those $1200 proposed checks for millions.

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