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  • Hello, subscribers and others.

  • This is David Hoffman, filmmaker, about to show you a clip about this wonderful dog that you may have heard about, like a well before I show the clip.

  • I just want to give a sense of what happened.

  • When I first put this clip up on YouTube, I didn't expect it to get the reaction that it did.

  • Basically two totally different worldviews, one world view.

  • Animal testing disgusting, horrible.

  • This century of beings, the other world view.

  • Animal testing helps human beings.

  • It's something we should do.

  • I don't know what your point of view is, but that's not relevant right now.

  • Just take a minute.

  • Put that aside.

  • I first came across this kind of two worldviews when I was a Mainer, living in a small town in Maine, where about 50% of the people hunted and believed in hunting and carried the dead deer on the back of the car back to their house and hung it up in front of their lawn.

  • And the other 50% of the people despise hunting, killing animals, shooting their disgusting thes two completely different world views.

  • So I'd like you to go back to 1957.

  • October 4th.

  • Sputnik is up there.

  • The Russians shot it up.

  • We, the Americans, are freaked.

  • We both think it's amazing.

  • Oh my God, I actually saw a Sputnik with my family standing on the front lawn, and other people think this is proof they're going to get us.

  • They can shoot an I C B M on intercontinental ballistics missile at us.

  • This is scary a cell.

  • And one month later, one month later, up goes Sputnik two with a dog in it, and they've shot this dog up the first living thing to go around the earth.

  • And they say she's got a life support system.

  • Oxygen for seven days, food.

  • They've got a thing on her pulse meter, and it's just terrifying for America's, it means not only do they have an I C B M, but they could send military soldiers into space.

  • That's what we believe and attack us from space.

  • It was really freaky again.

  • There were two worldviews.

  • One was, Oh my God, this poor animal.

  • The other was great for the future of mankind.

  • If you are Russian but horrible for the future of mankind.

  • If you were an American.

  • So you're about to see the clip, which is coming from a feature documentary I made on Sputnik.

  • In this clip, you're going to hear towards the end a woman give a magnificent prayer for the animal.

  • But I want to give you just one fact like a died.

  • Of course, probably died on takeoff.

  • It wasn't very nice.

  • The Russians had always stops staged, but I don't really think they ever intended to take her pulse or stuff like that.

  • So take a look at this and see where you stand and ask yourself, Is there a way to cross this partisan divide on one side, Disgusting.

  • To take animals and kill this dog basically and the other okay to send the dog into space for the future of mankind Way.

  • In spite of these fears, Liker captured the line right.

  • Everyone wanted the first living creature in space to return safely to Earth like a became more famous than any actor or athlete of her time.

  • Although in a red red is harming, you know what that's like change like a like a cigarette made of the best Eastern Tobacco's known art and wife find favor gentlemen, it appears that the whole world concerned about little mud Nick flying around out there in space.

  • Doctor Spec.

  • What can you tell us about her chances for survival?

  • I believe our chances for survival are probably Christ good.

  • The Russians have not said to officially, but they have indicated strongly an effort will be made to bring the dog back to Earth alive.

  • Prayers were said for the dog, and people were asked to observe a minute's silence each day with special thoughts for her early and safe return to Earth.

  • From Singapore to Cincinnati, they've risen in a chorus of protest.

  • Marches on Soviet embassies and various capitals are planned, and the National Canine Defence League business car brought lovers to a minute of silence each.

  • But then it dawned on me that there was no provision for like a return that she was sent in to order to die.

  • Soviets admitted that she would soon run out of oxygen.

  • Millions reacted not to the missile threat, but the Likas impending doom.

  • Keep your chin up about you deserve a monument.

  • You pioneer in faith.

  • We can only prey in this time of aloneness and suffering that God will be merciful on speed.

  • The end This voice was cry of mercy.

  • This total right should be long remembered as a symbol.

  • The torch of the animal world must go through.

  • Months later, spacecraft carrying the lifeless body of its valiant little pioneer fell out of orbit on was incinerated during re entry theme.

  • Russian people did build a monument in her honor.

Hello, subscribers and others.

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