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  • this was asked by someone who I think was getting married:

  • what would be the most interesting metal to make a ring from?

  • I suppose if you were getting married... one of the most interesting metals would be a magnetic alloy

  • an interesting metal for a ring...

  • you probably couldn't use iron, because that might rust

  • well, platinum and gold are often used... so is copper, so

  • it can't be any of those. I think it would have to be...

  • diamonds are a girl's best friend, just shove some diamonds in there.

  • you know what I would like? I would like to have some kind of--

  • I know, like a... a ring that encases mercury.

  • I suppose quite a novel ring would be made of mercury

  • so it's like something like a strong glass or something like that you know

  • but obviously it's got to be delicate to fit on your finger but say that the

  • mercury will just constantly slosh around

  • we really have to cool it down to keep it on your finger

  • that would make the most interesting thing and also the you know it is quite

  • risky wearing it, isnt it? 'Cause any time if it breaks so you just could

  • cover yourself in mercury--maybe not the best idea.

  • I don't know

  • interesting metal...

  • interesting...

  • goodness... i dunno, titanium is pretty light, very stiff

  • what about a cesium ring? [laughs]

  • platinum would be quite nice... but gold is also nice, i mean--

  • interesting? no, i don't know maybe they're just standard. what be most interesting...

  • so the melting point of gallium is quite close to the body temperature, isn't it, so

  • if you could make a ring out of gallium whatever your normal body temperature

  • that the ring would probably sit quite nicely on your finger, because it's

  • cooled by the environment, but if you would get like, hot and perhaps feverish,

  • and the ring would probably start to melt, so that would be quite interesting

  • [laughs]

  • I don't know!

  • yeah, I don't know.

  • I'd like to see just how heavy a lead ring would be

  • imagine if a couple had magnetic rings, then when they [claps] held hands, they'd stick together

  • oh, I think bismuth would be good, cus I remember the bismuth videos, and it looks very pretty.

  • [laughs]

  • I don't know

  • wedding rings a really special, aren't they? you know, it's what matters to you and

  • it's the metal that you associate with the person you want to be with.

  • carbon fiber-- that's not metal is it though? titanium.

  • I don't know... be expensive. I think, just go with gold. it's-- it's pretty good

  • Mark, my ring--my wedding ring is made out of-- it's made out of Welsh gold

  • so, obviously because of the Welsh connection, so my wife and I have got a

  • matching Welsh gold wedding ring, so.

  • BRADY: Well, how is Welsh gold different to other gold?

  • well, Welsh gold's no different to gold that's made anywhere else, you know

  • perhaps Ethiopia or mined in South Africa, but i suppose what makes it Welsh gold

  • is where it was mined, and it was mined in a-- in a small valley in north

  • wales so it's quite close to my home and quite close to my family links

this was asked by someone who I think was getting married:

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