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  • Hey, pretty cool.

  • It's my animal ality.

  • Who are you?

  • Wouldn't you like to know?

  • So your rates prodigy, I've seen better.

  • Don't sweat it.

  • I've seen worse too.

  • If you want.

  • You know I won Mortal Kombat Total Get cocky.

  • The tournament at rules.

  • This time anything goes.

  • It was a mistake even coming here.

  • You think you're ready, Liu Kang.

  • But if you were, would Kitana have been captured?

  • Can you help me get her back?

  • Maybe Kitana is important.

  • But to beat Shao Kahn, you've gotta pass three tests.

  • First one's courage.

  • I don't have time for these stupid games To test your courage and find your Anna malady, you've got to put yourself in a dream state.

  • And just how am I supposed to do that?

  • Well, there's a slow way and there's a fast way.

  • I don't have time for the slow way.

  • That's what I thought you'd say.

  • Sweet dreams, looking.

  • I have faith, but you have failed me.

  • You are not the warrior.

  • What if What if I fail?

  • Everyone fight from the inside.

  • It's the fire inside of everlasting faith in yourself that can never be defeated.

  • You can the fire that burns inside you is guilt you lost.

  • You are not the leader.

  • Find that power inside you.

  • Beauty, Random ality, Random ality Red immorality You Ooh!

Hey, pretty cool.

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