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- [Instructor] We're told that each rectangle is a whole.
So this is a whole right over there,
that's one whole, and so this is two wholes.
Which expressions describe the shaded part of the picture?
And they've shaded in everything,
and they say choose two answers.
So pause this video and see
if you can answer that before we work on this together.
So before I even look at the choices,
there's different ways I could represent this.
I have, I've already talked about
that if each of these rectangles is a whole,
we have two of 'em, so I could say this is two wholes.
That's one way to represent it.
Another way to represent it is,
let's see each of the wholes is divided
into two equal sections so this
is a half right over there and this is another half.
This is a half and this is another half.
So total shaded in we have one,
two, three, four halves shaded in.
So we could also represent it as four halves.
Or instead of writing half out like that,
you could also represent a half like that 1/2,
that's another 1/2, that's another 1/2, that's another 1/2.
And how many of these halves do we have,
we have one, two, three, four.
So how can we write four halves,
well you can write it as 4/2.
So which expressions describe
the shaded part of the picture?
Well it's definitely not just one whole,
we have two wholes here so I'll rule that one out.
4/2, yep we already thought about that one.
Four halves, yeah we thought
about that one as well so we're done.
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Writing whole numbers as fractions

107 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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