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One, 23 This is really I I'm Lindsay shall unglamorous senior beauty editor.
This was me 10 years ago when I want spray tanning literally, all the time.
And this was me last week when I tried to be a spray tanner for the first time.
What I learned.
It's actually much harder than it looks, but before a pro taught me how to do it.
I am.
It's so nice to meet you.
I decided to give it a try myself.
So when I first walked in, I immediately remembered barrier cream.
Maybe we do your elbows there also sticky feet.
1st 1 I'm sure this has to be wrong.
It's gonna be great.
Promise you Wow.
I didn't even think to like I don't even know.
Oh, ready, e.
I realize that there's a button over here.
I mean, it feels like it looks good.
Okay, so maybe maybe we just start this over.
So I officially went into panic mode and ended up calling in getti getti.
Oh, who is a spray tan expert with the brand Vida Libera.
And she came in to help save the day.
I d'oh e I definitely knew that I wasn't perfect going in.
And then she showed me the sticky feet.
I'm so the missy, if so, the other the other way.
So that is all the spray.
Tend to do that inside the tent, take a shower or just wash up a little bit.
And then we could startle so once or even came back.
Getting showed me the right way to spray tan.
So step one is preparation before you step in.
Okay, let's do it right this time.
Step right on.
That directly on their sticky feet up, not down.
Just move your So after the stinky feet, you're gonna have your client.
If they have, like, long hair, place their hair up in a bun, more my gonna tight ponytail, and then you're gonna put the cap on behind the year, make sure that their hairline is actually showing.
I noticed that you actually knew what?
Beria cream Waas, Right?
Do you have a hankie gone before me?
I have.
So bear cream helps keep your spray tan nice and even these air areas on your body that tend to be a little bit drier.
And what happens is that the solution will tan faster and drier areas.
Step two is to put your client into the assumed position.
The position that she was in wasn't correct, but I'll teach you the positioning her body.
Position your arms like you're pressing downwards.
Bend the elbow, put your thumb in, and then the rest of your four fingers just cover.
You're gonna have her poker, but a little bit so that we could get the book crease.
How do you say that without being like pervy?
Or how do you make people feel comfortable?
Just be different, right?
So I just make them feel comfortable.
I do a lot of eye contact on one phrase I'd really like to use is all.
I see a skin.
So when somebody says, Well, I haven't shaved my legs.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I know I've gained a lot of weight.
I'm like All I see is good.
So before we move on any further, I just want to clarify what spray chan is and how it actually works.
So common misconception that a lot of people have is that it's actually staining your skin.
It's not so the ingredient that stance, your skin and the solution is D J, which essentially reacts with the amino acids in your dead skin cells to make them appear darker.
Step three is Freetown.
Let's get started at Theo showed me the right way to spray tan.
Basically, you want to start above their shoulder and then you want to go down vertically because it will just help give you a nice even.
Can you just want to follow the lions and contours of people's bodies?
So there were a few special techniques that you had to do based on different parts of the body on hands you did 123 quick lines on the chest to do a little contour this way down two different times on your rib cage.
You want to make sure that you are going sort of like underneath to contour in and then on your feet you would do an axe.
If she wants abs eat a line going downwards.
So then she made me do the face.
Start with the middle side.
We called it the swoosh!
This way!
That way!
All right!
I think we're dying.
You D'oh!
Well, Step four is aftercare.
So another question, people ask all the time.
It's How did they make their spirits and last longer?
Use oily products?
Want to hydrate and trying not to sweat it off?
Go easy on the workouts right now that we did her.
You have a few more to go, right?
I think I have a whole line of people waiting at after Gettys lesson.
It was time for me to go out on my own.
So first, let's put these on your feet before you stand into the tent.
The sticky part should go on your feet.
So this is just to make sure you don't get any of the formula in New York or just hear Great.
You look awesome, day.
All right, I am gonna get your knees now, so don't mind me.
I definitely wasn't expecting Thio tan.
A man and a man with so many muscles at that.
Was it weird for you the first time you had someone spray you?
You're in a room with, like, seven boots like this, but every guy in there has a sock on there.
Uh oh.
So I don't know if you've heard, but I'm fairly new at this by it.
I think I have become a pro.
One of Daddy's best pieces of advice was to make sure that you make people feel comfortable.
Let's have you take off your robe and I can hang it up for you.
So next I am gonna go down to your knees.
I haven't shaved my legs before.
Totally fine.
All I see a skin.
One thing they thought was really nice about many is that even he seemed a little bit nervous.
Gonna make you look great.
This should be fun.
Yes, it'll be great.
So first things first is I'm gonna have you pose your arms pulling your shoulder blades back and then turn around.
We're gonna start on your back now, this is gonna be a little loud glow.
Chilly, Theo.
By this point, I was a total pro.
My lines were so much smoother.
I knew exactly where to start and where to stop.
So I'm gonna make sure you won't.
I will.
All right.
You look great.
How do you feel?
You can I see the town line holding at high five you.
But I don't want to mess up that town.
I did it.
So you want to make sure that you're not gonna shower for 68 hours.
I know your body builder.
No gym.
So basically, I just gave everyone permission to go home and binge Netflix for eight hours.
You look awesome.
I'm really nailing this job after hours of tanning, getting came back to review my work, and I gotta say, it felt pretty good about it.
Everybody looks amazing.
So give it to me straight.
How did I D'oh!
No, you did Really good.
Honestly, one thing that you really improved on was the over Sprink.
You stuck back a little, noticed that you were actually tanning from farther apart.
I noticed that you made people feel very comfortable You were joking with, um, another thing.
You tilting the gun made all the difference.
You actually remember the routine, which was very, very impressive.
I think you just overall mailed it Amazing grammars.
Never gonna forget the sticky feet again.
It was a good review, but I had to ask So the real question Would you hire me?
You're at the top of my list.
You'll today proved yourself.
Yeah, hired your higher Sorry glamour way took from you.
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Working As a Spray Tanner for a Day | Temp Jobs | Glamour

120 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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