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you're looking at the mother there has to be one is going to first grade and
the second is going to SK which is senior kindergarten which basically is
kindergarten there's so many levels to kindergarten it's like a whole operation
anyways I honestly feel like I'm still this eighteen year old girl and I don't
know how I have all these boys around me and I am their mother I'm responsible
for them so this is a realization that hits me every morning when I wake up now
looking at these big boys and understanding that they're starting
their school career I just don't know how to cope with all of that I literally
remember having jakey a second and a half ago and I don't even remember
having him because I'm just like it was all a blur
they used to just like not talk or like googoo gaga around or so what I've been
doing for the past week is going through my iPhone library and finding all these
sweet little baby moments jakey and Benny I might find their teachers emails
and send it to them just so they'll have that emotional investment
you know connection to these children but that might be too creepy so I'll
find a way if I'll be standing outside your classroom all day is that against
the law will I go to jail is that some kind of offender status and you do
Google duck hey Siri hey Siri and mock me Siri
whatever so because this is the first year where my kids actually are
attending school it's time to get you know them ready and I don't know what it
exactly entails because I don't pay attention to what other people with
children do so I was like okay we're gonna get a haircut
and I told them to Joe fresh to get them all they need for their school year I
wanted to say huge thank you to our partners Joe Fresh for sponsoring this
video because there are big boys I decided that I'm gonna let them choose
what they want to wear how they want to look like for their first day of school
this is really gonna chill more of their personality like who are you who are you
Jake and Ben what's your story you know what I mean you want to be that kid that
comes in and other kids are like we get it we know what they're about
I think I mean a little mystery is good too
anyways I feel like I'm getting too deep into it so we'll figure it out okay
school shopping and let's begin there's a child why is there a child behind okay
Jake I'm gonna be here with Benny shopping for him and then I'm gonna find
you and you show me what you get okay good love
oh we're getting a lot of thing
No why does it say here
this one and which side are you so five and four to five I want to give you a
direction the direction is first day of school like for the school season what
are you gonna wear they buy this many let's get you a puffer do you have one
Jake Jake's gonna get one too yeah what a job Cantonese the primal ah
I got it sir you want the black of the red welcome my little ghetto jacket do
you love your new jacket yeah I like two of them you get the new ones do you want
rain boots Jack down like these ones these ones what size are you doing on
what - five shopping with children looks much more fun on TV it was not I may or
may not have bored a little ramen - my coffee after JD can we join you I want
to do together that's what happens when your first child goes to firstly okay
and are you here Ben are you ready to change okay show me when you're done
jquan you ever gonna come out
Wow Jake shop sigh Gary I have to get some sizes for Ben so I'm gonna check
some stuff for myself Joker is just a great place to find clothes because they
have kind of everything here for a great value to have good styles it will take
you from summer to like Oh year around okay I like the style here but there is
no right of yeah I hope the school year will be amazing you guys are rock stars
I can't believe you're such big boys and I can't wait for all the new adventures
and people and things you will learn and meet and do mommy is always here for you
with ramen her coffee thank you guys so much for watching and if you are back to
school good luck I hope you have an amazing year if your parents that your
kids are going to school you did it another summer if then enjoy your year
hi guys thank you so much for watching our back-to-school shopping experience
if you enjoyed it you can watch the I drinking anything my kids put in my
smoothie video
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Back To School Shopping, REAL LIFE Edition

142 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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