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-You also did one video that's gotten like 14 million hits.
It's where you got married.
-14 million hits. -Views.
-Views, yeah. Hits is a good one.
-I did. Yeah. Yeah, I got married.
So, basically, I was in the car with one of my good friends.
He's 45.
so he's a little bit on the older side.
Not, like, super old.
-No. [ Laughter ]
-I would say young.
-Yeah, super young. -Yeah.
-Super experienced. -Yeah. I know "Yummy."
-Tickle, tickle.
-Tickle, tickle. [ Laughter ]
-We're good again. Right? We're cool.
-Yeah, we're good.
I was sitting in the car with him,
and he told me that I would never find love,
and so -- he was just joking.
He's a funny guy.
But I think it was that same night,
I booked a flight to Boston, where his mother lives,
and I proposed to her.
I surprised her, and I proposed to her,
and she was very confused, but then when I told her
that I want to become my buddy's stepdad,
She was 100% in,
and she thought it was the greatest thing.
-How old is she?
-I think she's 75 or 76.
Yeah. So, we flew to Vegas, and we got married there.
Yeah, that's us getting married.
She's so cute. [ Cheers and applause ]
She's so cute.
-[ Laughs ]
-How cool is she to do this, by the way.
-Oh, my God. She's the best.
-So, now you're your buddy's stepdad.
-Yeah. So, after Vegas, I quickly took her to Hawaii.
This was, like, all within three, four days
without my buddy knowing.
So, I took her to Hawaii, and then we came back.
-You went on a honeymoon.
-Yeah. We went on a quick honeymoon.
[ Laughter ] -You really commit to the bit.
-Yeah, he thought I was gone for work,
and then I came back, and I showed him all the papers
that I'm, like, legally, now his stepdad,
and everyone had a good laugh, so it was definitely worth it.
-Are you still currently still married.
-No, I got a divorce.
-Yeah, and that took me like six months
to, like, get it annulled.
It took, like, a really long time to go
through all that paperwork. -Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah, with all the lawyers and stuff.
It was just a pain in the ass.
[ Laughter ]
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David Dobrik on Marrying His Friend's 70-Something Mom

160 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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