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Hey, guys.
So it's a couple days since my last video, but today I'm back up north and I'm gonna be skiing on these things.
Thinks she's super smart.
What does?
Yelling at me.
How's it going?
One second.
I'm amazing.
These skis today and they have no edges.
And guys, why don't you tell?
But skis that I'm using today are the worst possible things I could ever use.
You can't really turn on them.
You have no control just to make it interesting of using these things currently going to make me pull amount here.
This is just my regular ski pole and I'm going to dock Tape GoPro on the end of my pole.
All right.
I've been carrying a roll of duct tape in my coat the whole day.
So if you're seeing a big lump in my coat, that is why So I think this is a fairly successful creation.
This is what the final product looks like.
How is that?
Personally, I think that was a success.
This is how you be a youtuber with professional high quality grade equipment.
Run looks great today.
I'm totally gonna go down that way too hot out here back to my car, and I'm gonna take off my coat.
I'm gonna go skiing in just a T shirt.
Gonna take out this duct tape that I had all day.
All right, guys, let's go skiing in T shirt, right?
And it's very windy.
I don't even know if you can hear me.
You see, they've closed it.
And if a ski patrol saw me on it, they probably take my ticket.
I just lost my men.
I've decided to go down this run.
Catherine is going to fill me in on this camera.
Let's hope I don't get caught.
All right, Thank you.
Now let's get out of here.
So I completed the ride.
Thanks for filling me, Catherine.
That was very, very interesting.
I did not expect there to be grass in the middle, and I felt almost twice, but it was It was very awesome.
I enjoyed it.
I need a wind filter because it's it's extremely windy right now.
Explain with things going right now, extremely slow way.
Can't really, because it's like messed up when I'm skiing on these little things, March.
Great skiing is always like this.
So that's why I'm just messing around.
We're seeing on a slutty way.
Alright, so I'm going back home now.
After a long day of skiing, Today was really awesome day.
No one's really skiing anymore because the skin kind of.
But we did that closed run.
And that may be really happy to do that.
Even though I found it was time.
Let's go back now.
That was much harder than it should have been.
Time to change.
All right, cool.
So I'm changed now.
Got back home, and this is all my ski stuff I was just wearing.
That's why I wanted to get it off.
It's kind of annoying to be to be wearing when you don't have thio.
Now I'm back home.
I'm probably just gonna go at it and stuff like that.
Guys, there is a cat on our hot tub.
What is?
What is happening is a cat on our heart.
Okay, I'm gonna open the door.
Is it going to attack me?
Oh, no, you can't come in.
Oh, I just want to pet the cat.
Hey, bud, please don't attack me all.
You're nice.
You can't come in our house.
I don't know what are you?
I'm very confused.
Are you like a stray cat?
Are you someone's cat?
Is there a cat roaming around?
I'm so confused.
Oh, he's friendly.
Hey, man, he's so cute.
He's so cute now, guys, I'm giving him water.
I don't know if he wants water.
I think I'm going to adopt you.
I'm gonna name you, Mr Butthole, because you have a butthole.
All right, Mr Butthole.
How's it going, Mr.
But Mr Butthole, you have a butthole, Mister Butthole.
I'm very confused with what's happening at the moment.
A bottle?
He looked, He looked.
I'm only calling a butthole because he has a bottle.
That's the best name I could come up with.
What is he doing?
Oh, my God.
He captured a leaf.
The wild cheetah captured a leaf in the wilderness of Canada.
There's snow behind him now.
He is licking his back after that that pray?
Now he's eating the leaf guy.
Should I become like a safari dude right now?
I'm just getting the footage off the GoPro here.
I want to make sure Have it cleared for tomorrow.
So I'm just gonna get a shot off here.
You can add it.
Videos and stuff.
30 minutes remaining.
Well, 30 minutes.
You guys remember Everest?
If you've seen that movie I uploaded, I think it was two videos ago.
This is it now, looking on Assad, this is in March break.
We still have a little bit of it, but it used to be this high.
And that's why we decided to shoot the movie, because we looked at it and were like, That's a pretty big hill.
And then Charlie's like Everest.
Well, yeah, let's film a movie in one hour.
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32 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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