A2 Basic 40 Folder Collection
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A little out of sequence video.
I was challenged on my discord server to code the game break out in 30 minutes, and I was to do it live in front of an audience.
I'm not gonna get into the habit of loading my life streams, but I thought this one had enough educational content that it should be going on main YouTube channel.
Anyway, this is how we got on Enjoy S o.
The title of the stream is the sign Hunters challenging Assigned Hunter is a member off the discord community who had the idea that maybe I should have a go at trying to program break out as fast as possible.
Originally was 20 minutes.
We negotiated toe half on hour.
I think it's probably gonna be more like 45 minutes, but it might serve as a useful video for people who haven't used the console game engine for anything on Dhe.
They can look at this and see how something is done from scratch.
I'm not saying we'll get it all right.
And perfect.
First time.
I also don't think it'll look very pretty, but we can see how we get off of the audio levels.
Okay, can somebody give us a shout?
So let's have a go.
I'm going to start a timer just because it's fun to start the timer, but I don't think I'll be able to do it in half an hour.
But we'll see.
I think we'll only get it something, something doing within an hour, anyway.
So let's have a go, right?
Good time is ticking over.
So the first thing we want to do is actually include the console game engine.
And then we want Thio overwrite the class that it provides, so we'll have to do that ourselves.
So we'll call this one a recount.
We'll see Consul Game Engine.
And so the point is that the council damage and provides two functions in the background, which the operator or the user will need to override to facilitate gameplay.
Well, just stick in a constructor.
Remember, I'm on the clock, so I'm not going to be describing everything into much detail.
You'd usually stick your name in the Let's Do the two overridden functions avoid on.
It's not Boyd is.
It's bull on user creates, which is where we'll create all of our static resources of course, I probably won't be able.
Thio, read the Read the chapter whilst I'm doing this.
I'm not gonna be pausing the timer, um, on on user dates and that passes in f elapsed time, which is what we're using to keep everything in sync.
What's he got to class?
We then need to create our main function.
You gonna be my typing that's gonna let me down with this on.
We want to create an instance of our class.
In this case, it's a great count game.
Once we've got that, we want to create the console with the construct Consul function.
Until that we pass in the resolution, which we're going to draw things out now because I've been using it a bit recently.
I'm going to use to 56 by 2 40 by four by four.
So that's the width and height in characters on the size of the character is going to be four by four pixels.
I'm going to assume that that's going to work so we'll just call the start function straight away.
Let's have a look.
Not gonna work straight away, not returned tree from that.
So if you return true, it doesn't cause the game engine to stop.
If any of these functions return false, it will automatically cause the game engine to stop and clean up.
So there we go.
We got a window running at a number of France for second.
Don't read code.
We're the splits.
Yeah, I should have just splits, but I need some more splits to work against anyway.
So how are we going to structure this?
Not even thought of any of this.
So we're going to need a level that represents the blocks.
I'm going to stick with the old Jerry A way of doing this.
I'm going to create a string todo Let's define what we're going to have as a level.
I think level's gonna need a width and height as well.
How wide is an ark annoyed level?
I have no idea.
I'm going to pick 16 pixels.
What's 2256 divided by 16.
So we get up sort of half the screen with blocks, maybe something like that.
Point on the hike would be 16 blocks to 40.
Tango on a second.
That's 15 pie.
That's going to be the full playing field 16 15 draw that recall it would hold it level right?
So, to the level I want to dio Want to make sure you count this out properly.
123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16.
But right, let's put in some blocks then, um, so we're going to use the fir boundary blocks.
I think we'll use the hash symbol, so let's just get it to draw the level to begin with.
Firstly, will probably want to erase whatever this.
I'm going to cheat a little bit by using the space character to do that.
So let's draw the level.
Let's assume a block is eight by eight grid with Yeah, I know So So I'm going to do two nested four loops and we're going to draw the contents of the level to the screen So way.
Want a switch block for the level at that position level?
Why times and with plus six case, What did we have?
So if it's a hash that's going to be our boundary, it's Phil Recht.
Uh, next time's and block coma White times and block Common X plus one times and block comma y plus one signs and block and on what color were going to do.
We want that to be a full solid pixel on.
We'll set that thio g white.
So the boundary off the level is going to be white.
Lots of little red squiggles there.
Why is that?
Oh, it's not Phil Rector's.
It is, uh, just felt.
So it's found a Windows commander.
Oh, yeah, Phil, that's for a regular block.
Was couldn't paste that on for empty space, which I'm gonna use the period symbol for will draw that as block quick.
Okay, it's a little bit smaller than I thought it was gonna be, But maybe this is a scale to work, and we can play the numbers later.
So let's just put in some other types of blocking here.
We'll use the numbers one to represent a block.
I don't know.
Maybe later on, I'm not.
Maybe not for this challenge, but if we choose different numbers, perhaps that's how many times you have to hit them before they disappear.
But let's let's just fill that in for completeness.
We also want it's a one c.
You do use the insert k.
All those GS code people that don't have it.
We'll set the cool of the block to bay.
Okay, so it's now draw in a bat on, add some user control.
Tow it.
We'll try and work in the floating point.
The main mats as the bats only really got one position, hasn't it?
It's just going to be bat, I suppose, on.
We'll set that to the middle off the playing field, which is going to be, Ah, something like 64.
We'll see.
Um, let's draw that into so for the bat will just draw in a line for the bat with.
You might want to play with that with late if we're gonna add power ups and things, but we'll see.
Let's step back to being 10 either side of the center point.
That might become important.
So its drawbacks droll line take, and that's where we're going to draw it.
Well, it's going to be and height minus a little bit and heights on block minus two.
Uh, but plus and back Wythe, we'll draw that as pixel solid on again.
We'll draw that white.
We'll just keep that one appear that looks like it might be quite useful.
Let's just see if that's drawing a fact throwing anything.
I hope I did draw something too long to start.
There we go.
Okay, We've got a bit of a bath.
Let's sound some controls for the bats.
Now s So we're going to use the get key.
Will use the left and right arrows.
It's only if it's held down.
Do we want to do anything that the left yourself down?
Now we want to deck Ament the fat.
I don't know what speed is going to be yet, but we'll see you choose a number the last time on if we want the right key.
We want to do the opposite now with no pony constraints on the back yet.
So it's going to drift all over the place.
So left and right, k.
Well, too slow.
Way too slow.
I think it's going up.
Helps you impressing the right keys, doesn't it?
That's probably still too slow.
Double what?
OK, so we put a bat in right now, it's time to add a ball.
We'll just start the ball somewhere in the middle is well, I don't know how far down is gonna be, but we'll probably be somewhere about right.
We'll also need a direction that the ball is traveling in Rome.
We now should I use it using an angle or sledges to with Delta's?
I'm just going to do with Delta's uh, Bolty X will just start that office.
We'll have to actually, we'll have to calculate that from an angle, sir.
X and one.
Let's do that here with a bit of code.
I want to pick a random angle for it to start with.
Yeah, runs divided by closing point.
Random number, please.
Giving me 01 times it was two pies.
Yes, 20.14159 times.
That's good.
So we'll set our four DX.
Because this way, I know I'm going to get a unit vector for the speed of the booth.
Okay, so we've got a full We need to draw the ball way.
Do fur ball to actually use a circle.
Yeah, Why?
No Bill circle Now I'm going to cheat a little bit.
Even I'm going to set the balls radius to be something like two or three.
I think for the collision, I'm just going to keep it as a single unit.
A single pixel ball has left a fact about with the collision of the wife S.
O F ball, except for why Radius I said that to get just two pixels ball is going to be a solid again yellow.
Let's just say that just indeed.
Drawer fall.
Yep, Right.
So now we want to update the physics off the ball and we'll do that after we moved the bat to give the players chance.
So this is where it gets a bit tricky and fun.
Now let's have a look.
So the ball needs to have its position updated so full X plus equals, you know I'm going to do.
Actually, I'm going to maintain a cache of where the ball waas.
I think that's probably how I'm going to solve the collision detection.
Let's see.
Bull X plus equals ball.
The X on times the last time, times some speed.
We don't know what it is yet.
We won't do the same for why just stick that a beer in a temporary constant area B equals 20.
Let's just have a feel for how fast that is really slow.
Also, disappointingly, it's also just sort of gone straight.
Why's that?
What was going on?
So the ex is that Dean Wide Little Tiny number?
Maybe it's just unfortunate coincidence.
That's how it started off.
I'll tell you what, we'll make it bean random to begin with, we'll just have it.
No 0.6.
Okay, good.
So let's get a bounce off solid objects.
To do that.
I want to work out where abouts in my array.
I am So that is simply and sell X equal value are all ex mines.
No, it's not.
Not minus divided by something similar for why, Okay, I'm also going to get so new necks.
We'll do something similar to this old ex using the older variables on.
The reason I'm doing this is because I'm going to make a check on the weather Collision has occurred by looking at Watts the ball in an empty cell before it was in on occupy itself.
Because that way I can also work out to make it right.
I can work out which direction I've hit the cell from which army to doing also deflect the ball appropriately.
So let's just see what happened with new cell.
So actually grabbed the contents of the cells.
Thio char New cell equals level.
New cell Why?
Times And with new cell x No time for these to the amateur time wasting mistakes on.
Of course, that's not new, is it?
That's actually old.
And that one's old on that one.
Old right?
Got there in yet.
So if news cell equals, let's just do it, do it.
Let's just test to see if we get the collision so that working first, if New Cell is a solid wall, as in it's the boundary, then we need to work out which direction have we hit from?
So I can do that by saying, If on new called these new cells in a cell, new X is greater than And so I knew why old ex that way.
I hit the coming from the left, so that's a collision in the left axis.
So I want to invert in that situation.
Let's just see what happens that so the ball's coming along.
There we go.
So it bounced off the wall.
Okay, it's gone after pounds.
We'll worry about that in a minute.
Well, just speed the ball up.
Might move.
Make it move a little bit quicker.
Let's do something similar for why I think just to test all of this out on going to put in an artificial floor for now, I don't think I'm going in the right direction with this, We'll see.
Yeah, okay.
It's that drifts off into the middle of nowhere and, you know, with some sort of circular logic here, that's not gonna make any sense.
Okay, so that's a bowl bouncing around.
What we shall also do is in the event off.
It's not being not being a full stops of empty space.
New cell, our one brute force.
Poppy, you if it's a number, I'm just going to set the number two being space.
Okay, Okay, okay.
Hits anything.
It's going to inverse its direction.
If it hits a number, it's going to change that to a space and still inverted direction.
Look at that.
All right.
So now we want to worry about the bat.
Uh, so we know a little bit of a check in the bat if the ball is greater than where did we petition the bat?
But I put it on height claims to minus Ah, if Theo the F four y is greater than that position vertically, then we want to check.
Is it within the bounds?
Off the bat?
Full access.
Great Savannah back minus and wit on Ball X is less than plus, and that's wits, sticks and brackets in there not to tempt fate.
Want to bully?
It'll tell me, uh, if it's s So we've hit the bats.
We want to invert the y Axis else dead.
Which point we'll look choose Will sent the ball to Bay Bull X equals on with divided by two times on block.
We'll set the why to be somewhere also in the middle.
Wilson and the two randomly choose an angle again.
We'll take all of that, right?
So let's just remove this wall.
Okay, bounced off the bat.
Come on, ball faster.
Let's just try and die and see what happens.
Okay, so the ball gets respond somewhere on the game.
Continues way.
Want the ball to just be a little bit quicker.
It's a really good songs that have been back around when this is play s so we just want to constrain the fat.
Now don't wait.
It's not here So the bats, Linus and wit?
No, that's not shape.
Yes, it is.
Is greater than is less than on block way.
Want to set that fat equals n block Plus on back with on for the other side, If that's a plus.
And bat wits is greater than and with a Glock equals with finest.
And so forget about trying to stop the ball.
It's just make sure the battles we get semi colons, semi colons.
Okay, kind of gets on that side.
Stop solid on that.
So it's there with take one.
So knowing that let's just stick in a few more blocks for an interesting shape in the This one is great.
Come on.
Don't let me down now.
How are we doing?
Almost a big crash.
Why's it going through the back?
Well, I think with your acceptance is that good enough for break out in half an hour?
Can I stop the timer?
I think that's not bad.
I mean, we could have had more bells and whistles to it.
There we go.
29 26 75.
There we go.
Well, never been so nervous in my life.
So what I need is a team, uh, is that the writer think their way.
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Code-It-Yourself Breakout in 30 minutes?

40 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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