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For day number 7, we have a real pun!
It's in this box here ...
... and, I haven't unwrapped this one yet
It's from our Japanese fan, Nagayasu Nawa, science teacher
And you can see it's a fan
So it's a periodic table fan...
...from a fan!
Just in case you think I can't see the picture...
...on the back, is another periodic table
I think this is really beautiful
And I showed a photo of it in a lecture that I gave at the beginning of November ...
... and in the audience, one of the people was the Master of the Honourable Company of Fan Makers
In the city of London, they have Honourable companies or Worshipful companies that do all sorts of things...
... fan makers, horners, all sorts of things
So, I sent him one of these for their museum
And in return, he sent me a book - Fans and Fan Makers
And inside, there is a really nice dedication from the Master of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers
He also sent one of these books to Nagayasu Nawa in Japan...
... and he sent me a copy of the letter
So I think not only did I get a really nice present...
... but now, one of these fans is in the Fan Museum in London
So if you ever go there, you'll know about the periodic table
We have, a periodic table fan from a fan ...
... element six - anthracite ...
... glowing plectrum with strontium aluminate ...
... four drinking receptacles ...
... three chemical pins ...
... two periodic table bedcovers ...
... and, one piece of tartaric acid from a Swiss wine barrel
What would be day 8?
[Sixty Symbols] ... in each reference frame, it sees that distance greatly compressed
[Sixty Symbols] And so all the distances are squashed in that direction
[Sixty Symbols] So as far as it's concerned the Earth's atmosphere is only about 50 meters thick
[Sixty Symbols] ... and it only has to travel at 50 meters
[Sixty Symbols] So it actually has time to get all the way from the top of the atmosphere to the Earth
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7: Fan from a Fan (12 Days of Christmas)

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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