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So we're going skiing again today and it is sunny.
Look att This if my camera would adjust, it's really nice and sunny today.
It's also freezing cold, but it's gonna be a really awesome day for the GoPro because now you'll actually able to see the runs and walk to be able to see the snow.
So we're just gonna get ready now on, uh, go to the hill so high today because you can see So today I'm bringing my good camera skiing.
Let's see how this goes.
It's a bit warmer.
It's not supposed to be warmer, but it feels warmer because of the sun.
And I also have a GoPro on my head order.
I know it's like frickin summer in Canada.
Wait, so we're thinking quick water break.
It's very section, not that cold outside.
But look at the marks on my face from the ER, math and everything.
Look, the WiFi connections here 10 out of 10 virus Georgian peaks racing RCMP in virus in country life.
I say you connect the virus infected wife on me too.
We're gonna go back out now.
Way got I can't speak English.
Way got back out skiing, and I just went down the double black diamond over there.
It was really awesome.
And we took all our face masks off because it's way too warm.
Inside was good over there.
How's the skiing going, Charlie?
Pretty good.
Pretty, really good.
Look at this.
Other skills don't have this good of a view.
Just saying, Theo, it's lunchtime.
We're eating lunch.
This was $13.
That was 18.
It's great, Theo.
Right in the crotch.
Oh, this goes back farther than I thought.
This goes back way, Just dropped all our stuff off in the locker like my camera bags.
And I finally am able to use this chest mount now because before it's actually better for you than the Head Mountain because I'm, like, grew from like, two years ago.
Now you can't really see my can't really see my skis if I use the head mouth because it's too far off.
So, yeah, I'm gonna be using this now.
So what should look a lot better than the head mount?
I was using it earlier in the day.
Um, yeah, that's pretty much it readyto down Greenhill way.
You have been on this hell, yeah.
It's mostly been on the, uh, harder hills.
Theo, Wait.
Kind of.
Look at how nice the hell looks Beauty.
We're going into this building to look at some holes because I haven't had a full for the entire day, In case you're wondering why I haven't again, because I lost someone stole it.
Okay, so I managed to get polls.
Look at how sick these are.
They're like Red, Matt, and they're from Austria, so I mean, that just makes him even cooler.
But I got them on a pretty good deal, considering there were really expensive jewels there.
How cool are these poles, guys?
I think they're actually pretty pretty cool.
And we're leaving now, so that was a pretty good today.
Video of you taking a video handmade the memory card video way back at the house now.
And look at the hill.
We were gonna go sledding yesterday, but look at this now.
It's literally like a mini Mount Everest, so we should go sliding to Everest.
Yeah, it's just title of Everest, but it also is really clear outside right now.
Snap to that.
So up there, if you concede, is the moon and it's pretty cool.
It's a really clear sky.
So we're hopefully going to do a star time lapse later.
It's so blue and so clear right now.
So we're really hoping that it stays clear that what we do time lots.
Tonight, I'll be awesome.
And somehow this camera survived today because I just skied with it, hoping that I wouldn't fall in it or anything.
It it's all good.
So I found what we're gonna use a pick ax.
Okay, guys, it's happening.
Look at all this stuff here.
We're gonna film Everest.
The movie we're gonna film that tiny little hill is gonna be Everest.
Stuff is gonna happen when we have 20 minutes to film because it's sunset.
We chose a really bad time.
Yeah, Short movie.
Let's go.
Guys were literally just getting random clips and trying to throw them together into a short film.
It's great.
Charlie's over there filming random clips of this.
I'm trying to make the mountain look really big.
We got a bunch of go pros and all this stuff, so we should be good filming a short film about 20 minutes.
Let's see how this goes behind the scenes.
Is it behind the scenes copy shots Way just got back outside after, like, an hour of filming that stupid Everest movie.
It's great, though.
Look at my camera.
It legitimately has ice on it.
I'm gonna let it focus.
Do you see this?
There is legitimate ice on the lens.
That is not good.
Like it actually froze.
It's not just like water.
Okay, so, to be fair, we shot that whole movie in about an hour.
Um, I checked the clock, and it's pretty much a one hour.
We film that entire movie.
I'm not gonna upload in this law because they'll be too much effort.
So it's gonna be another video, and everyone else is gonna be very confused is just be titled Everest.
So if you see a video titled Everest for my channel, look out for that.
Uh, pretty funny.
I don't know.
Like I literally have no clue of the shots turned out because I just took my camera, like, see all my cameras crooked right now.
See how it's like sideways?
That's basically how the shots went.
I don't know if they were sideways.
I don't know if they were out of focus.
Okay, so we're setting up to do a star Timelapse.
You can actually see the stars.
It's clear out now.
And it's freezing cold.
Those, like, minus 23 Celsius.
So we're gonna make sure cameras are like, warm and clothes.
That sounds really weird, but we're actually gonna close on our camera and sweaters and things just to keep it not entirely frozen, wrapping it underwear.
But Charlie's gonna get on his camera to, so we're gonna have, like, two different angles and yeah, I guess we're just gonna go and set up in about a second.
You know, you see a lot of stars.
This makes me really happy because I haven't had the chance to do this yet this year, so we're gonna see how this works.
So this is pretty all right.
Okay, So this is where we're gonna be doing the time lapse.
It's extremely dark.
You can see the moon out there, but we're gonna gonna try taking some shots, my cameras right here.
And we're just gonna see what looks nice that we can frame it before we started time.
Okay, guys, I'm just trying to pick a shot.
Now these were some of the options I have.
My camera would focus.
Okay, so these are some of some of the shots that I was playing around with.
Um, some of them were kind of interesting, but I'm still trying to figure out a shot that I like on and then wants to do that.
I'll start the time lapse guy.
So I have my camera wrapped.
This is what the picture looks like.
You can't really tell, but I'm basically gonna leave my camera here and see what happens.
So let's really hope that no one steals it and that it turns out to be a good time lapse.
I really hope so, because the moon's out there and it looks really nice.
I can't feel my toes.
You always hope, huh?
Can't you?
I think they may have a minor frostbite.
So I just brought the tribe odd from the time lapse outside and look at it and literally classic.
It's made of ice.
And then over here, Charlie's camera looks a little interesting.
I can't even touch it because it's so cold.
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41 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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