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Hi, I'm Mandy Moore.
I am Christie Meds.
I'm Susan Kelechi Watson and were the ladies of this thing, But this is really us really scene that I was probably most nervous.
The film is this kiss meant Sterling and I do.
It's like episode to Season two, and he picks me up and spins me around When Kate was on the scale in the pilot episode of the first season.
But I have to, like, jump up, and I was just so nervous I was going to jump up like knock him in the head or something to jump up and missed the lip.
Hey wouldn't catch me right?
The Super Bowl episode surrounding Jack's death.
They were like 100 strangers, and I was basically naked.
That's a little nerve wracking.
Very liberating, however, but very nerve wracking.
First thing I do when I get to say, to swing my door open, keep it open so the sun come in.
First thing I do when I get to set his pick up my little baby side because I need to know what's happening.
Seeing order, I need to be prepared.
The first thing I do when I get to set is, um I light a candle in my trailer, which I'm always terrified.
I'm gonna burn the whole joint in town.
That doesn't stop me, because I'm all about that fresh scented candles.
I might have to switch up my routine.
Yeah, Candle the door.
Coffee sides later.
Who cares about really relevant the actor actors?
I would want to play one of the Pearsons.
Oh, if we could find a way to put shot day.
It is one of my family members.
I would love that cause I just love her.
How dare you mess with magic?
I'm pretty happy with the family as it stands right now.
I love our Pearson's.
The Royal I'd most want to have tea with is Megan Marchal, and I think Prince Harry, perhaps Meghan Markle because she's the newest member of the family is little Prince George from Cambridge.
He's so cute sees she's an l a girl.
She's an actress, like actually know each other from another lifetime ago.
So it might be nice to reconnect the trend I will never wear or connect to.
Do you know what Jenko pants are?
I have nothing else to say I do not get the whole bike short trend like it's just not flattering on anyone, even in a cycling class business where I'm just very casual, super, super casual.
You find a lot of denim, a lot of jeans.
Coffee is my biggest vice.
Biggest vice is probably cheese, Specifically cheese.
I'm just being honest.
What kind of anything?
That's not smoked.
I'm gonna say sugar, because it could become like an addiction.
Like for sure.
What foreign to sugar take.
Yeah, wild animal.
I would love to have as a pet is a bobcat.
I have a bobcat that sort of bidden in my yard the last couple of weeks and trying to figure out if I could domesticate that guy.
When I was a kid, I used to think I was gonna have a huge house with, like, a saltwater moat around it.
And I could just have a dolphin.
Isn't very kind for the dolphin.
But for me, I gotta be honest with you.
I am not like all I'm thinking about is like my rug.
My pillow.
E draft one.
Yeah, because I like that image of them coming down just enough.
My hand, something like that.
The first thing I do want to get on an airplane is unpack.
I check out the movies.
Typically, you don't always watch them because I'm listening to music and I'm a bit of a germophobe, so I definitely take, like the alcohol swab slash.
Like just some sort of like wipe toe wipe down my general vicinity like to make sure that it's sanitized.
But I just get my whole situation such awaiting unwrapped pillows and blankets and get down to business, which is going to sleep.
If I had two weeks for vacation.
I'm thinking about going to Jamaica because my bro's and their kids are in Jamaica right now.
Maybe two.
I've never been.
I am going to hustle as quickly as I can and start the trek up to Everest Base camp.
That's like my next big trip.
My reacts when I found out I'd be on the cover of glamour.
First of all, babies, where's cover?
Okay, you and to do it with these beautiful women.
Oh, God.
I just was like, What is it like to walk past the newsstand and see us on there?
It was just so exciting because I remember reading glamour as a teenager, and now it's like what?
We're gonna be on it.
So it was It's fun.
T share these sort of milestones with people that you love, you know, thank you.
Realize you did.
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'This Is Us' Cast Discuss Their Most Memorable Scenes | Glamour

29 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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