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it was absolutely decisive.
It was, uh, enormous.
It was as if the curtain had come down and you could feel it.
It was There was no question in anybody's mind that the era Waas over that sixties were finished with that one event, and I think it's you could add on to that that I feel in general.
No cultures go through moods.
Cultures have moods, just like parties have moves and countries have moved.
And there was a way in which the twenties with the Charleston and all of that no, we're suddenly over.
And there were the thirties and there was a totally different and there was no forties and the fifties and then 60 started, and in my senses they started.
In some sense, my feeling is with a teacher, but it was asked if it was from one day to the next had begun and it was over.
And, uh, it had a great deal to do with.
I mean, I think from really thinking about Kent State one decipher a great, great deal about the sixties, put it someone whimsically.
I mean, you could tell that there had been phone calls from the parents to all of the radical leaders in Ann Arbor where somebody had said, Now you come right home and now the revolutionary packed his suitcase is now and you could walk through Ann Arbor and you could hear the snapping shots of suitcases all over the town.
The town was quiet and people were packing and they were ready to leave.
There was the sense that that we didn't want that we hadn't asked for.
And I think it is.
Cut supposed ways people how talked as if they talked themselves into thinking that they were ready to give their life, that it was a war, that they were going to stand on the barricades.
But of course, that was illusion now there was a kind of fantasy.
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This One Moment Ended The 1960s For Americans

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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